Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation and Concealer

I picked up the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation last year when I was entering their competition when they were searching for a brand influencer! Honestly still think I was the best fit but I am sure we all are!!! I digress. I picked up the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation and concealer later on. Click here to see my previous post which is a Mini Clicks Haul.

Are Makeup Dupes Worth it?

As you may or may not know, most well known makeup brands and products. Makeup Dupes are different from Fakes or knock off and I will explain the difference in this post. Sometimes you would love to put your hands on a certain product but it’s either to expensive or inaccessible and that’s where Dupes fill the Gap. A disclaimer, the products listed in this post are dupes based on my observation. In no way am I stating the brands intentions to create dupe. And that’s the other thing about dupes.

Hair Products Empties

Hair Products Empties – Top 5 Honorable Mentions 001

There is something about a Hair Products Empties posts that is just satisfactory! I can’t believe I haven’t made a thousand of these already. I love the walk down memory lane with the product. I also enjoy reading and watching empties videos so I know you will enjoy mine too. The best part however, is finally throwing the empty bottles away!! Keeping them is also a sport on it’s own.

Sorbet Age Affect Cream Cleanser

As much as we love makeup, skincare is just as important. In my opinion these two go hand in hand because in order to achieve the perfect makeup looks, you need to have and maintain good skin which is a practiced effort. Part and parcel of that is removing makeup before bed. Which is why today we are going to talk about the Sorbet Age Affect Cream Cleanser. Let’s go