Wow Cosmetics All Eyes On Me Eyeshadow Palette

    Have you ever walked into the shop and lost all senses of who you are and finally felt like you’re Sol Kezner’s long lost daughter who just got into some chunks and just buys things?! I felt like that the first time I saw the Wow Cosmetics All eyes on me palette! I swear for a full minute I was undistructbable! Forget the budget, Forget the up coming Jan-u-worry, Forget the car service!! I need this palette…

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    Life Update: I started working out!

    Wow, it has been a while since I have sat down to write! I can assure you, it’s for a good reason though. I haven’t been inspired to write due to personal reasons that I am not quite ready to talk about as in yet but I finally got my pen back. Albeit, I am going to ease back into writing slowly but none the less, I am BACK! My sincere apologies for my absence. 

    What would be better than kicking things off with something new to my life? My new fitness journey that has been going really well and really strong might I add! To cut a long teary story short, I wasn’t happy with my body, particularly my core area so I have been procrastinating for years to change it. I have tried and failed at many diets and Early last year I started an easy going low carb diet which really kicked things off for me. 

    Here I what my diet consisted of: 

    I cut off all processed carbs (Rice, pap, bread ETC) initially I cut them off completely and it was really hard! I am an impulsive person so cold turkey is a very dangerous territory for me because when lights switch off, I will go on a binge so this time around I had to find a way to make this diet work for me so I turned it into an easy going low carb diet. I cut off the above mentioned completely but I could have everything else. I cut down on sugar, so where I would have a 2l bottle of coke a day I cut it down to 1 glass if there is in the house, I stopped going to the shops to buy it. 

    Through this diet, I lost some weight definitely but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be ideally, Even though I looked much better, I still couldn’t fit well into that dress. I looked wrong in my eyes. 

     Starting with Gym

    So in November 2018 I joined a gym! Yes, I decided this one day that today is the day and I did it! I have made many life changing decision in my short life but this one was the best yet because I saw a different side of me that I didn’t know existed. 

    At first I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I had no plan whatsoever! I researched, got confused and wanted to cry but I decided to brave.  I remember feeling so intimidated by people at the gym, being afraid that they would laugh at me when I mess up but you know what, I put my big girl panties on and just started. 

    So at Viva, there is a First 6 weeks guide for beginners and I had decided to download that and let it guide me. Unfortunately, the PDF wouldn’t download when I needed it the most! I am not one to take things lying down so my first day at gym, I went to the front desk and told them about this! Thanks to my bravado, one of the guys working there was kind enough to give me a few pointers while they sort their system out and it really helped.

    Here is what I did when I first started and what I corrected along the way

    I would switch the treadmill on to 20 mins and run. This is good don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to working out and when you are new, you need to manipulate your mind a bit. If you LOVE running then you would enjoy this, but if you are like me and you loathe running or maybe just dislike it, then cut your sessions into shorter durations. 5 Sets of 5 mins with other exercises in between.  That’s what I do now with every Cardio exercises. That way I get to do more time running without even realizing it. 

    Cycling: This I thought was easy peasy. But on level 1!! You need to bump up the level for more effect unfortunately then it becomes easy! Then you see John on you left going fast and Mavis on your right sweating and you are like huh??? Am I even doing this right? If you feel something, yes you are! 

    I used to just do these two and leave because I read Cardio is what I needed to get rid of belly fat! But then I decided to add some ab exercises and some leg work which I will get into in my next post! 


    It has been 3 months now and I am happy with my results. If exercising has been something you have been thinking of getting into, then I encourage you to take the first step and GO. 


    Without making this post any lengthier, let me hand over to you… did you miss me? Have you had any life changing changes?? The comment section below is yours to talk to me! Let me know!  



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    Skincare products I have been loving

    One thing that I look for in any skincare product or routine, is whether that product contributes to leaving my skin soft or nah. I love having smooth and soft skin and that is what I am fighting for in this skincare world and of cause, convenience. I absolutely love convenience. There are 5 products that I have been absolutely loving of late and I can’t wait to share with you.

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    My Nude Lipsticks Collection

    At some point I have to admit that I am head over heels in love with nude lipsticks! I have realized that I try to match every make up look with a nude lip! So much so, that I sometimes have to stop myself and encourage myself to try other colours! I have been sharing my collections lately I shared my Eye brow products and my highlighter collection so today, I will be sharing my nude lipstick collection and some HACKS on how to get the perfect Nude lip. Keep on reading Continue reading


    My Highlighter Collection

    If there was ever a makeup step I could never give up, its highlighting! I even highlight when I am not wearing a full face, suffice to say that I have quite a number of highlighters. If you would like to have a sneak peak at my highlighter collection and to get a few highlighting HACKS, keep on reading

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    Different types of brow products + HACKS for the perfect brows

    We live in a world where we have options! So is true when it comes to choosing your preferred brow products.  I have tried quite a variety of brow products and I am going to share my collection with you today.

    Brow products vary from pencils to gels. We also have brow mascaras in the mix. I will also share with you the tools you can use to shape your brows and also throw in HACKS for the perfect brow. Keep on reading.

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    #29| GIVEAWAY!

    I honestly can’t believe that I am a whole 29 years old! It seems so surreal! 30 is around the corner and I am no where near where I thought I would be when I turn 30. This thought used to terrify me I would literally get mini panic attacks when  I think about it but I have learned so many lessons! I might not be there in terms of earthly stuff but I am so blessed because mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I am way beyond my years. My 28th year stood out to me the most. I have always had some wisdom but it was in knowledge. During my 28th year, I learned and gained the strength to put it all into practice! The biggest gift I have received, a gift that I like to think of as a birthday gift in advance is contentment. In the face of the storm that is life, I always manage to find happiness and let me tell you there is nothing better than that.

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    Curl Company Hair Products Review

    My Curls are popping! Yes they are

    It’s hair review time ladies and gentlemen! I have been using The Curl Company products as introduced on this post for quite some time now and I am finally ready to give you guys a review!  Please check out this post for details about the products. I am going to dive straight into the review

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