Natural hair

    Product of Interest// Dark and Lovely Au Naturale

    I recently picked up the Dark and lovely Au Naturale Moisture replenishing shampoo and Knot out conditioner. I have always wanted to try these products out . I heard many good things about them. I haven’t used them yet I was just so excited to have gotten them I need to tell you guys about them.  There is more to the range but for now I only got the above mentioned two.

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    Natural hair

    My updated hair care regimen

    As your journey gets old, your hair care regimen switches up a bit. At least mine has. I have realized that I have become more “chilled” for lack of a better word. I have learned to incorporate my hair care to my everyday life and give my hair the freedom to grow as it pleases  without watching its’s every move.

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    Everyday Natural makeup look

    Everyone has their signature everyday make up look or rather go to look. On a day to day basis when I  feel like wearing makeup I like to keep it to natural tones but because I like things, IT HAS TO GLOW!!! A little glow can just bump up your day I promise!

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    Natural hair

    Wash and Go using Alodia Hair care

    If there is a hairstyle that I feared trying out, hands down it has to be a Wash and Go because I have never had success when I tried it out with relaxed hair so I dreaded trying it out on my natural hair. I won the Alodia wash and go kit  at their pop up event and it took a month for me to actually try it out! Because, I was scared!! At long last I did try it out.

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    Natural hair

    How I deep condition my natural hair / Tutorial

    Deep conditioning is one of the most important part of hair care… you cannot skip this step! it is an intense treatment where you feed moisture that our hair lacks into you hair. Frequency of deep conditioning and when you deep condition is completely relative. This depends on how thirsty your hair is and it is very important to listen to you hair. Most people deep condition on a weekly basis and some every two weeks.

    Types of deep conditioning

    There are two types of deep conditioning. First being moisture treatment and second being a protein treatment. Most people think the two is one. I know that I also didn’t know the difference growing up but I knew that you can go to the salon for a treatment and ofcos I never went. I strongly suspect that it was a protein treatment but anyway, this is why we have hair bloggers today to teach us right??

    Moisture deep conditioner: This is the most needed of the two. It must be done more frequently but in moderation. If you are new to your hair journey though I would suggest doing it weekly and see how your hair react. If it needs more, by all means give it. if less, then listen to your hair and make it every other week. I have a post with moisture deep conditioner options available to us in south africa you can check that out here

    Protein treatment: Protein treatment are usually for adding strength to your hair. This is vital to your hair especially if you are relaxed but it must be done sparingly because protein overload is a nightmare!! Believe me.  I would suggest on doing a protein treatment monthly at most if you are natural. If you are relaxed maybe sneak it a balance conditioner here and there if your hair needs it. Protein treatments varied from light to hard so Start with light and gradually go up because some people are protein sensitive and that could also be a problem so test out. I have a post with a list of protein treatments click here to check it out

    This is how i deep condition my hair. (both moisture and protein)

    After washing and towel drying:

    1. I part my hair into 3 or 4 sections
    2. I apply product to my hands and rub to distribute to my fingers and then start by massaging my scalp with the product on my fingers
    3. I apply some products to the length of my hair first whole and then in subsections making sure to saturate the tips.
    4. I pin that section away and repeat throughout
    5. I put on a plastic bag and my scarf and let it sit for an hour at least
    6. I rinse up and follow up with an instant conditioner  and rinse after 5 to 10 mins
    7. Towel and T shirt dry for about 15 mins to soak up the access water
    8. Apply my leave in’s and braid up my hair to stretch and air dry

    And that’s my deep conditioning routine ladies and gents! Let me know how often you deep condition your hair in the comment section below!! Thank you for reading and I hope I helped someone 🙂