Happy 2017 Everyone and I hope this year brings you fulfillment and happiness! I had taken a very long break from blogging but, I am back now. I have missed you guys so much! I have missed blogging and I am looking forward to another fruitful year and I am ready to bring you more great content!

Let us start with HAIR! I have reached the one year mark without relaxing my hair!! I am so happy that I made it to a year! It still feels so unreal and I am so proud of myself! The last time I relaxed my hair was 6 January 2016.

For the holidays, I decided to try braiding my hair all by myself and I did it!! I am so happy. I took my time and it worked out perfectly and I also went out of my comfort zone with the colour (well only because Clicks didn’t have number 1 black) I went with Auburn and Blonde YEP! I will have another post focusing on braids so look out for that.


I honestly thought that I would neglect my hair because of December vibes but I proved myself so wrong. Listen, I washed my hair every wash day, I have also washed my protective style on the planned date. I moisturized my hair so I think it is safe to say that I was a good girl when it comes to hair care.

December Goals

Remember protein: DONE

Attempt at singles braids: DONE with Distinction!

January Goals

Wig for 2 weeks of more

Have four wash days

Have a protein treatment

Style my hair more with Bantu Knots and Perm Rods

Length Check!

As a compliment to going one year without a relaxer I decided to do my first length check on natural hair.

I am currently just above collarbone length in the traditional sense!!! I cannot for the life of me believe that I have reached and passed shoulder length! When did that happen?! So I take it that my hair grows just over shoulder length in a year which is fantastic news for me.

1 year post relaxer

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until the next one! Ciao love



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