The Balm Rock star Palette swatch

The Balm Rock star palette swatch

Herewith a product that I love but not exactly for the right reasons!! Don’t get me wrong it’s not about the product in fact from the few times that I have used it, it seems quiet good!! The problem is that I haven’t used it as much as I should have am I making sense? However I always, and I mean always use its mirror! I love it’s mirror and it’s honestly just a coincidence that the mirror is heart shaped. I swear.

The Balm Rockstar face palette consists of 12 Eyeshadow/ liners, a highlighter, blush and two lippies.

Here are the swatches for this palette

eyeshadow/ liner : this palette has 8 shimmer shades and 4 matte shade

Heavy Metal Column

Metal-ica: Its Metalic silver and is a shimmer shade

Iron Maid-in: Gold semi shimmer shade

Lead Zeppelin: Dark Olive/ Army Green Shimmer shade

Alice Cooper: Burgundy Shimmer shade

The Balm Rock star palette swatch

Classical Column

Adagio: Nude Matte Shade

Allegro: Light brown Matte Shade

Moderato: Dark purple Matte shade

Presto: Dark brown Matte Shade

The Balm Rock star palette swatch

Alternative Column

Blink 1982: Mauve Shimmer shade

The Stroke: Dark Midnight blue Shimmer shade

Rem: Lilac Shimmer Shade

Third Eye Blinded: Rose Gold Shimmer shade

The Balm Rock star palette swatch


Disco Solid Gold Highlighter: Gold and shimmery

Pop Pop Don’t you want me: Pink Matte blush

Lippies / Cheek

Milly: Dark Mauve

Vanilly: Red

The Balm Rock star palette swatch

And to wrap it up, it has a cute heart shaped mirror. YAY! To palettes with mirrors. I plan to use this palette more often. It really does have beautiful shades that can create diverse looks. I will review it once I get a proper feel of it.

Let me know which of these colours you are loving. I love you all!




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