Whether you are setting your foundation or applying it as a cover, pressed powders are a very important part of most of our make up routines. I got my  hands on the La Girl Pressed powders in Tan and Translucent. I have been using both for quite sometime now and I thought to come and review them.

Starting with Tan…

I use Tan to set my foundation and would like to use it on its own every now and then. At first I thought I picked the wrong colour that it was a bit light for me but after a while I realised that it is actually fine I can live with it. This is my only powder but simply because I haven’t thought to get another one. My honest review, this powder is just fine. nothing to write home about.

After applying my foundation I apply it all over my face to set the foundation to avoid it from creasing throughout the day. I would love to use this powder on it’s own but in this regard I really don’t like it because it doesn’t do anything for me at all.

I wouldn’t repurchase this powder instead I am on the lookout for another one

And for the translucent powder…

This I love! I opted to start with a pressed translucent powder because i was trying out baking and I know how clumsy I can be so I shied away from loose translucent powder until I got used to the concept of baking. This powder gets the job done. The flashback is almost none existent if you blend it well. I love it.

Even though I want to try loose translucent powder, It could be handy to always have this one.

These powders are available at your Dischem Pharmacy at R59.95

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