You know those products that you can’t help but reach for? That is what I am going to be chatting about today! I realised that I didn’t realize that I have favourites. By habit I just reach for those products. So today it is beauty’s turn!

Wet n Wild Brow Kit

Best of 2016 Beauty Favourites

First things first! I have fallen in love with the Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit. I use this product every day for my brows I have even neglected my beloved Essence brow designer! This product is nice and pigmented and applies precisely! It doesn’t smudge and it lasts for the day. It comes in a dark brown shade, a light brown shade and a wax.

Clarins Primer.

Best of 2016 Beauty Favourites

Aaah, there you are! Can I just say that the Clarins primer is my bae? I even apply this primer when I am not wearing any foundation. It tightens my skin and gives me this glowy, smooth look I absolutely love it!

L’Oréal Infallible Foundation.

Best of 2016 Beauty Favourites

This goes without saying. This foundation is neat!!! I think I even love it more than the high-end foundation that I have. I might just. I love that it matches my undertones and my skin tone. It blends so easily and it gives me the coverage and the finish that I love which is dewy but not to shiny. Might I also add that it is affordable and a little goes miles and miles!!!

LA Girl Matte lipstick in hush

Best of 2016 Beauty Favourites

Girl let me tell you! Stunning! This lipstick is a light pink shade and my goodness it is pretty! I have a few friends who are eyeing it, I see you guys I guard that one with my life

Catrice Chocolate Nudes eyeshadow palette

Best of 2016 Beauty Favourites

I love the choc brown shade in this palette it is beautiful and so warm. I usually use it on my crease and it just blends so easily and it lasts too.

Essence blending brush

Best of 2016 Beauty Favourites

I love this brush so much I have two of them and they constantly need to be washed! They are so soft and they blend so well. I think I need two more!


Those are my current favourites and my best of 2016! Which beauty products did you enjoy in 2016? Let me know in the comment section below.



2 thoughts on “Best of 2016 Beauty Products”

  1. Okay cool, now I need to go shopping LOL.

    I realy feel like I’m missing out on the L’Oréal Infallible Foundation hey, I need to check it out. The essence blending brush give me life also LOVE it.

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