Since my last hair update, I have had my hair out for about 2 weeks now and all of a sudden I felt very frustrated with it and the frustration grew with each day. I can’t explain how I started to feel towards my transition all I know is that I started dreading it.

It all started when I tried to manage my hair and it would just go pear shaped. My natural hair would shrink underneath leaving my texlaxed hair to be the only hair that I can tie which made this close to impossible. I began to dread having my hair out and started feeling like protective styling is my escape of having to deal with my hair which did not sit well with me. A break I can work with, but a total escape no.

I got to thinking why I am waiting? Why not take the leap and big chop?  and these thoughts + my frustration have been on my mind day and night.

On Thursday 8 August 2016 I decided to make the big step and big chop and here is how I did it

  1. I did everything in sections
  2. I detangled the section
  3. Then I spritz that section with water until my two textures were distinguishable
  4. My previously texlaxed hair was dense when made wet and my natural hair resisted the water so I snipped off the relaxed hair
  5. some areas I had to cut off some new growth because my hair grew unevenly so I did my best to get it to be presentable.

How will I maintain my natural hair

This all happened so quickly I haven’t had a chance to proper plan so I will be sure to let you guys know on my next hair update. All I know for now is that I still have work to do getting my hair to be just right but I will do that with time.

How do I feel?

I am so happy! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I think my hair looks so pretty and I am head over heels in love with my natural hair. Transitioning can be so emotional at times and I was just not capable of dealing any longer. I am looking forward to my natural hair journey.

8 thoughts on “Big Chop!”

  1. YAY!!!!! Welcome to the natural hair world friend!
    You’re right, transitioning can be sooo hard and draining. I am happy that you are happy with your decision.

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