My birthday month is upon us! Wow where did the year go? I thought it would be fitting to share my beauty wishlist who knows maybe God will intervene and say happy birthday my child!! I am usually very shy to list this but then again there is no cost in wishing is there?! Well, let’s get straight to it!

Morphe Eyeshadow palette.

I honestly couldn’t give two which one it is but I live for the day when I own one of these my word they are all stunning!! But if I really had to choose like my life depended on it I would go for the 350 palette ladies it is sooo stunning. I love the warm deep colours and since I am an Autumn baby I think it is very suitable!

Mac Studio Fix foundation.

I live for the day that I actually use the Mac foundation! I really love it and haven’t been able to fit it into my fledgling beauty budget because… well life. But if my lucky stars are listening I wish for this!

Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow palette.

Or any of their eye shadow palettes for that matter! I love watching videos of these my word I am in love and I am patiently waiting for the day when I own one of them and that day is coming!

NYX Liquid lipsticks

I want them and I want them all. There is something about these lipsticks that I am just drawn to. They are all so stunning! I was looking through their website the other day and I swear I gasped at all of them.

Acrylic Make up storage

I just love how this looks and God knows I need something to sort my makeup. Everything is just everywhere! So this is definitely on my wish list!


I am just going to stop because believe you me I could go on for ever!! What are you wishing for lately?! Let me know in the comments below




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