Different types of brow products + HACKS for the perfect brows

We live in a world where we have options! So is true when it comes to choosing your preferred brow products.  I have tried quite a variety of brow products and I am going to share my collection with you today.

Brow products vary from pencils to gels. We also have brow mascaras in the mix. I will also share with you the tools you can use to shape your brows and also throw in HACKS for the perfect brow. Keep on reading.

Brow Pencils

The most common brow product is brow pencils formerly know as “eyebrow pencil” there might or might not have been a time when I was younger where I referred to eyeliner as that as well. Anyway moving on… Brow pencils are usually preferred because they are affordable and easily accessible. Pencils are also known to give a more natural looking eyebrow and they are very easy to use.  Some of the brow pencils I have tried are: Essence Eyebrow Designer and superlast 24H Pomade pencil, LA Girl Shady Slim brow pencil and some R5 pencils from street vendors or China Shops.

HACK #1 : When buying a brow product, NEVER and I mean EVER buy black. Always buy brown because black tends to be harsh on any skin tone.

Brow Gels

I tried my first brow gel and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected drama on drama on drama but instead I got a controllable product. Even more controllable than some pencils I have used dare I say!  Another thing that I noticed is that they tend to be long lasting in terms of quality. I end the day the way I started it if you know what I mean. The brow Gel I use is 2nd Love Brow Gel.

HACK #2: For people like me who have pitch black hair, the darker the brown the better it is for you. I tend to gravitate more towards darker browns because when I use a lighter one there is a discrepancy.

Brow Powder

Anyone who follows my blog and YouTube Channel know that brow powders are my first love because DRAMA. For a more dramatic Instagram-esque brow, Brow powder is your friend. Enough said! I love the Wet and Wild Ultimate Brow Kit mostly because the brown shade matches and sort of masks my pitch black eye brows

HACK #3: Always shape your natural brows in order to fill them in easily. You can either do this yourself(If you can) or out source the service its usually very inexpensive and quick but I cannot promise pain free lol

Brow Mascaras

I love these so much! They usually help with getting your brows to look laid. I always say, to my sisters with fuller brows that they could easily only use brow mascara and carry on with their day. Brow Mascara I use are Essence Make me Brow  eyebrow gel mascara and  2nd Love Brow styler mascara

HACK #4: Use a concealer or foundation to clean up and define your brow. You can either use a shade that matches your skintone or foundation shade or you can go a little bit lighter. It’s all a matter of preference .


So what do I need to do my brows you ask…

  1. Well, First and most importantly A SPOOLY ! this is a mascara look alike brush that you will use to brush your brows into place and blend the product.
  2. If you are using a brow gel or powder then you need an angled brush. This helps with precision.
  3. A concealer or flat angled brush to clean up and define your brows

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  • Reply Lungi

    I love the hacks! So helpful.
    I use all these products depending on the day and the look that I’m going for. I also love the staying power of brow gels

    June 29, 2018 at 2:38 pm
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