Protective style maintenance

Just because we are giving our hair a rest during protective styles it doesn’t mean we forget all about it! Nope… we still need to care for our hair underneath and one of those ways is by Moisturizing our hair… 

I normally moisturize every second day using my DIY moisturizing spritz.  I have tried other braid spray but I find that my hair flourished with my own moisturizing spritz.

DIY Moisturizing spritz recipe

I am going to share my recipe with you…I had on Journeytobeauthair  and since all that is lost I will gladly share it again. So here goes 

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  • 1x Empty spray bottle
  • Water
  • Moisturizer or Leave in Conditioner (I use African Pride Moisturizing lotion) 
  • Oils (I use EVOO, Avo oil and JBCO)



Step 1 : Half fill spray bottle with water

How to: DIY Moisturizing spritz
Half fill with water

Step 2 : Add you a generous amount of  Moisturizer/ Leave in conditioner to the water.


How to: DIY Moisturizing spritz
Add your moisturizer/ Leave in

Step 3: Add your oils of choice to your mixture

How to: DIY Moisturizing spritz
Add your oils

Step 4: Shake well.

How to: DIY Moisturizing spritz
And there it is…

And that is my moisturizing spritz that I used to moisturize my hair during a protective style. You will find that the liquids separate when left unattended to long so shake well before every use.

How do you moisturize your hair during protective styling?


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