I decided that it is high time that I share my full wash day routine for my short natural hair. I have finally got a routine that I am happy with. here goes!

A few things to note when washing your hair:

  • Make sure that you have time do not rush this because rushing lead to mishandling hair which in turn leads to breakage.
  • Find a method that you are completely comfortable with.
  • Listen to your hair!

With that out of there way here is my full wash day routine for short natural hair.

Step 1: Detangling and Prepoo – First things first I detangle my hair thoroughly. I used to do this after washing my hair now I switched to before and let me tell you it makes a world of a difference. The product that I detangle my hair with serves as my pre poo which I leave on for 15 minutes to an hour.

Step 2: Shampoo – I make my hair damp and then shampoo and massage my scalp while doing this for this. I used the Brazilian Keratin Shampoo that was sent to me by Nosipho Mhlanga, check out her channel here

Step 3: Deep Conditioner– I Deep condition my hair with either a moisture deep conditioner, a balanced one or a protein one depending on what my hair needs at the time. This week I used the ORS Replenishing conditioner which is balanced.

Step 4: Instant conditioner– I always use an instant conditioner and leave it on for about 5 minutes. For me it is just that extra step that I like to add and this week I used the Brazilian Keratin Conditioner.

Step 5 Leave ins– I love to apply an oil and a deep conditioner because I find that my hair dries very dry (hahahaha that was very weird to say) but I like my hair to dry with a bit of softness and moisture so the oil helps with that. I used the Multi purpose supreme oil and Smooth and Shine Leave in conditioner.

Step 6: Drying and setting- I decided to give threading a go on my natural hair for the first time and I haven’t seen my hair since! This was about a week and a half ago.  Protective style by default. I just spritz my hair with my DIY moisturizing spritz.

That is pretty much my wash day routine. If I had to time it this would take me about 2 and a half hours (excluding drying time). I have filmed a video of my wash day on my channel! Check it out and please like, share and subscribe to my YouTube Channel


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