Hi I am Lebo and I am a product junkie! I decided to clean my hair products cabinet and I was shocked at the amount of products I have in there So I decided to have  stock take. At this moment I have 44 hair products in total. Most of which I even forgot about. This is not on… So the current mission is to use up the products that I currently have.


To break it down, I have

  • 13 Oils
  • 4 Deep conditioners
  • 3 Protein Treatments
  • 9 Instant Conditioners
  • 3 Moisturizers
  • 3 Leave in Conditioners
  • 3 Heat Protectants
  • 7 Shampoo’s

I am aiming to dent this stash to completion.  My pan of action is to not buy anything in every category until I am on 1 or 2. I will keep posting updates on the stash I will have empties posts and also follow up on where we standing.

If you are like me, a product junkie looking for redemption, Do stock take, Clean your cabinet every now and then and stop buying until you are fine.


See you later,

Lebo Kutumela


6 thoughts on “Hair Products Stash”

  1. The first step to healing is acceptance, lol. I also need to take stock or else I will forget some of the products.

    The 7 shampoo’s, you are a real PJ, lol.

  2. hehehehe, I agree with Lebogang, 7 shampoos have you deep in PJ territory.

    A stock take is such a good idea – I will also do one and see where I stand.

    You can start adding oils to your DCs to lower down that high oils number

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