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Hair Tutorial: How to do Bantu knots on natural hair


Heatless curls are one of the easiest ways to achieve curls without using direct heat. One of those are Bantu knots. I used to do bantu knots a lot when I was relaxed and Texlaxed. I haven’t really done any heatless curls intentionally on my natural hair so I decided to try them out starting with bantu knots.

Some of the challenges I currently face with my natural hair is frizz! So naturally I feared that every curl that I try will just frizz out so I had to seek out a way to try and get those curls popping . here are a few products that I decided to use for this try:

Aunt Jacky’s Knot on my watch detangler

Design Essentials Moisturizer

Pure Royal Jamaican Castor oil

Flex hair gel

Pure royal silicone serum

Wide tooth comb

I did all this on freshly washed, damp hair

The knots

Step 1: I started by sectioning my hair into for sections for manageability

Step 2: I sub sectioned each quadrant, applied Aunt Jacky’s knot on my watch detangler and detangled each sub section

Step 3: I applied Design Essentials Moisturizer and Pure royal Jamaican castor oil to each sub section I started twisting it on itself until its taut and wrapped it around itself and tucked

repeated the about throughout my head  and those are the knots.

One thing that I love about bantu knots is that you can rock the knots as a hair style on its own its cute! Just lay them edges, some big hoop earrings and you are good to go!

The Curls

You need to make sure that your hair is fully dry before unravelling your knots.

Step 4: I applied some Castor oil to  my hands to limit frizzing when unravelling

Step 5: I undid the knots and carefully untwisted just enough to be able to separate the hair

Step 6: after unravelling my whole head, I applied Pure Royal Silicone serum all over my hair  I carefully separated my hair, gentle enough to close the parts but not too much to disturb the coil.

Step 7: I styled as desired and laid them edges.

And that is it. Here is the final look…


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