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Hair Tutorial: How to do a high puff on natural hair

how to do a high puff on natural hair

One of the many ways to style natural hair is a high puff. I used to think that its only possible on long hair but one thing I can tell you is that there is always a way in the natural hair world and I am here today to share a tutorial on how to do a high puff.

What you need:

Wide tooth comb


Water in a spray bottle




Stocking leg


It is always better to work on previously stretched hair


Step 1: Sprits water to your hair enough to make your hair damp

Step 2: Moisturize your hair

Step 3: Thoroughly detangle your hair this just makes everything easier and it will guarantee smoothness

Step 4: Apply some oil to your hair

Step 5: this step is entirely dependent on the length of your hair so I will go through each :

Hair that does not fit into a ponytail: You need to work in sections Start at the back apply some gel and brush your hair flat and tie it down. Apply gel to the next section and brush down. Untie the bottom part, combine the two sections and tie and work on the next section and so forth until you reach the top. Apply as much gel as you can and brush down as much as you need.

Hair that can tie into a ponytail: when your hair can tie into a ponytail it becomes much easier. Brush your hair down until its nice and flat. Apply gel only to the front and the back this is to make your hair and your edges sleek . Brush down to help distribute the gel to avoid white residue

Step 6: (for shorter hair, untie the pony you made in step 4) using the stocking leg, tie it from the back. Starting on your edges, create a loop (knot) and start pushing back until you are happy with the puff size and position

Step 7: this step is optional. Lay them baby hairs and you are done


And this is my final look

how to do a high puff on natural hair


I hope this tutorial was helpful to you let me know in the description box below. You can also check out my tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

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  • Reply Nosie

    Wow,that hairdo is giving me life.Can you please do a list of hair gel you got or what is your number one gel.thank you

    October 26, 2017 at 12:54 pm
    • Reply Lebo Kuty

      Thank you!!! Will do. I will try out some more gels just to get enough variety and I get right to it

      October 26, 2017 at 7:45 pm

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