Can you believe that we are now into our third month already? sheesh before you know it will be December again but I really am not mad at that. Its time to talk about what has been going on with my hair yay!

I have had my hair out for most if not all of February and I really enjoyed it! My hair has been flourishing and I am so grateful for that


I have been doing the norm to my hair, Moisturizing and sealing everyday, washing my hair only most of the time I skipped two weeks instead of one because… Lazy! But anyway my hair is really not mad at that.


I have noticed that my afro has gotten bigger and my coils are becoming a bit thicker. My hair is doing well so far and I am delighted.


Update on February Goals

Style my hair more with Bantu Knots and Perm Rods I tried rollerset instead but it didn’t work 

Take more pictures of my hair for these posts… I have ! here you go!Natural Hair Update

Have short term, weekly protective styles… Haven’t done this

Clearly I have been a bad girl with my goals this month but I will do better

March Goals

Wig for at least two weeks to give my hair a little break

Maintain my hair under protective style

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