I have been fully natural for 2 months and have had my hair out for 2 weeks now and I am back with my monthly hair update


My maintenance focused on moisture, moisture and more moisture. I feed my hair as much moisture as I can and I have had 2 wash days since I undid my protective style.

Protective style.

I won’t be putting my hair away this month I will literally let it be. I suffered a lot of breakage from my protective style and besides, I just want to enjoy my natural hair for a while


My hair is doing well. The breakage has tremendously subsided and I am only left with fairy knots .  I don’t mean to sound conceited but I looove how I have been getting compliments on my natural hair! I have had someone even say they having hair envy! WHAT??!!! It makes me feel good and really affirms my choice to go natural!

Hair update

Update on October goals

Have my PS in for two – three more weeks… Done and done

Moisturize my hair under my protective style frequently… I failed at this one *hangs head in shame*

Have a wash day for my protective style… I had only one wash day over all

Enjoy my natural hair for the rest of the two weeks… done and doing it 


Goals for November

Keep up that moisture game

Be strict with my wash days

Get used to my routine

Find a way to reduce fairy knots

Hair update


Wish me luck.

8 thoughts on “Hair update November 2016”

  1. Great post! I did my big chop two weeks ago and I am loving it! Your natural hair looks amazing! I think it really suits you! Looking forward to your next update. Good luck hun 🙂

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