I have decided to start a new series on my blog called how to… in this series I will be sharing how to do anything from hair to make up to even DIY’s if I get to those.  So the first how to for 2017 will be moisturizing and sealing. I might have mentioned this last year but I have tweaked here and there.


Okay so first things first. As you hair grows you will need to start doing this in sections so that you can get to every inch If your hair is fade short this isn’t necessary. I currently section it into four sections.

Applying Moisturizer

Apply your moisturizer generously to each section. For this I use African Pride Moisturizing Lotion.


Should this step be necessary, you can detangle your hair. I usually detangle my hair once or twice at most a week.  I detangle with a wide tooth comb


Apply your oil or butter to seal in the moisture. I use Avocado Oil to seal.

Style or stretch

Then you can proceed to styling or stretching you hair. This can be twists, braids or threading or any style that you are currently into. Lately I have been twisting because I find that it is easier to unravel in the haste of the morning.

I always advice to Moisturize and Seal at night rather than in the morning because you have to be gentle and you have to take your time and if you are stretching your hair it will be beneficial to do over night.

I hope this was helpful for you .

How do you Moisturise and seal? Let me know in the comment section below.



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