I love everything thick hair! From the very beginning of my hair journey, every time I mentioned this I would be advised to try Castor Oil or Jamaican Black Castor Oil casually known as JBCO.

I am here to give you the same advice. Every time someone starts complaining about their hairline or anything related to getting your hair to be fuller I gladly recommend Castor Oil or JBCO. I want to especially talk about JBCO on this post.

I use the Umera JBCO. I buy mine from a hair shop at the China Discount in Randburg.

Some say that JBCO makes their hair shed excessively, I find that JBCO is not for everyday use unless diluted. By this I mean if you mix it with a moisturizing spritz then feel free to use it every day but on its own it is a no no reason being that it is very thick. With that said, grab your favourite JBCO and let me share how I use mine

How to use JBCO to get thicker hair
Scalp Massages
When I am being a good girl I massage my scalp twice a week. Massaging your scalp helps with the blood flow in your scalp resulting in healthier new grown. I find that when I use JBCO my hair really7 thrives. When I use Castor Oil actually but JBCO gives it that extra kick! I section my hair into four and tie each section up. I then apply the oil to the scalp and massage spending about two minutes + on each section.
Mixing with deep conditioner
This is my favourite thing to do ever! I pour a generous amount into my deep conditioner and mix it. There is something comforting about mixing JBCO into my deep conditioner and trust me when I say I saw great results
Mix with moisturizing spritz.
When I have my hair under a protective style, I go ham with the JBCO in the spritz and it works so well. When I was relaxed, my hair used to come out so thick after a protective style despite the shedding that comes with detangling and I thank JBCO for that.
So, if you are like me and thick hair is your #Goal, I recommend that your grab yourself a bottle of JBCO or Castor oil JBCO sold almost everywhere nowadays.
Let me know how you use JBCO in the comment section below.
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