I was lucky to have been invited to be a part of Model camp SA Johannesburg! I was invited to come and speak to the models about Social Media Branding.  Model camp is for aspiring models to briefly learn what modelling is all about and to gain their confidence to keep pursuing their modelling careers.

Model camp was founded by the lovely Neetasha Singh who is an accomplished and extraordinary model herself. I think this camp is so beautiful and commend her for starting it. It helps so many people realize their dreams.

As I arrived, the ladies had just come back from their morning jog and were doing their self-defence training with Tapout Academy. I learned so much from just observing. It is so interesting to see how easy it is to defend yourself when faced in danger.


After the training we sat down and had a chat about social media and how to build you brand through social media. I shared how I built my blog and how I continue to maintain my online presence.

Model camp SA

I decided to stick around after my speech as the ladies were getting their hair done by Vushlywave and make up was done by Adorn effect who gave me some make up tips!! After that they went to change into stunning outfits and came for their photo shoots and also an inspiring speech by the gents from MT Apparel . The ladies looked so stunning!! I had a great time. I felt like I have known everyone for forever.

Model camp SA

Model camp is a very good and fun program. If you are an aspiring model, follow their Instagram account and look out for the next one. You will absolutely have a great time


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