My Nude Lipsticks Collection

At some point I have to admit that I am head over heels in love with nude lipsticks! I have realized that I try to match every make up look with a nude lip! So much so, that I sometimes have to stop myself and encourage myself to try other colours! I have been sharing my collections lately I shared my Eye brow products and my highlighter collection so today, I will be sharing my nude lipstick collection and some HACKS on how to get the perfect Nude lip. Keep on reading I have  16 Nude lipsticks! Yes 16 and most of them are different from each other so how on earth am I going to structure this post? I don’t want you to sit forever and a day reading this post. So I will group them and pair those that are similar together deal?  I also wanted to have a swatch video but I can’t swatch 16 lipsticks! LOL

Bright Lights

I am terrified of these Nudes! Literally its one of those where if I wear them, I am literally risking! I have two of those the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip colour in Latte to Go which I got from Ruby Box some time last year and the Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer in 60 Tease which I picked up at Clicks. I thought it would be different on me but I was wrong.  These are too bright for my liking to be honest, but as a make up enthusiast, I find ways to make them work which leads me to HACK#1HACK #1:  the best way to wear a bright nude, is by pairing it with a brown liner, works everytime for any Nude actually.

The brown ones

Then there was my FAVES, the brown ones! Three of my ultimate favourite nudes are of a brown shade!  I find these to be the best type of Nudes. (LOL this post has soooo many possibile innuendos! How many have you spotted so far?). Of these I have The Essence Matt X3 Longlasting Lipgloss in Beauty Approved; The Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip colour in Moca my fave of the entire range like hands down and NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim HACK #2: I know this will sound weird, but it will make sense if you try it. Most Nudes come in Matte and are traditionally worn as Matte, try glossing it up, preferably with a gloss of the same shade. Its beautiful!!!

Somewhat pink.

For some reason, I refuse to classify this group as straight up pink! As a recovering girly girl who wished for the whole world to turn pink someday, pink for me is extremely bright and straight up popping . End of story. These nudes are of a pink shade but they are either deeper or of a more blushy tone. These are also firm favourites of mine coming 2nd to the brown ones. I have five of these. The Essence Matte X3 Lipstick in 02 Perfecr Match; Essence Shine X3 lipgloss in happiness in a bottle;Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip colour in Pink Blink (LOL don’t drag me please!!), Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick in Bare it All (Can I just say, they are not kidding about the mega last part this lipstick laaaasts on the lips  and MAC X Patrick Starrr in Mamastarrr HACK #3: Sometimes I think that the Nude Liquid lipstick formula is a complex one! Not that I know any chemistry lol. But some liquid lipsticks are patchy  and that can be a problem. Worry not, I have a hack for you! Use a Lipliner that is very pigmented that helps a lot and don’t use a lot of product. Patchy liquid lips are nasty in big quantities trust that it will chip away and you don’t want to be faced with that problem

Straight up pink!

Yes! There are pinks in the nude factory! See there are two types of pink, the bold/ Neon type (Which I also have in my lippie stash) and then there’s a softer but bright and popping pink. These are straight up pink you wont find yourself second guessing the shade on any skin tone. I currently have five of these: Two Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Pink bliss and blush, (Blush is on the fence between the above mentioned and this category actually but because its bright, I’ll place it here ), LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Hush, Essence Velvet Matt in 23 and Essence Lipstick in 03 Natural BeautyHACK #4 speaking of patchy and nasty formulas when going matte nude, Always and I mean ALWAYS moisturize your lips beforehand.

Odd purple out.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t even realize the purple tones in this lipstick at first, suffice to say that it is a nude. It could be lilac but of a flatter tone! (I wish I was one of those people who new more colour names right about now!) But you get what I mean right. I only have one of these, it’s the Essence lipstick in the colour come naturally.HACK #5: Match your nude lipstick with either a dramatic eye or super clean and simple look. Nude lips tend to work very well with the extremes. Always bear in mind that shades look different on different skin tones but equally as beautiful!  Always try out the tester at the shop before buying any lipstick. Ciao Ciao

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