A hair care regimen is very important to make sure that our hair is in good condition and well cared for to become healthy and grow. Moving from Texlaxed to Natural I found differences to my hair care routine. Albeit I didn’t have to completely change my regimen, I had to tweak here and there and since I don’t have a post about my own personal regimen, I decided to explicitly share it.

Moisturizing and sealing

I found that my hair wants more and more moisture. The penny sized amount of moisturizer I used to use for my chemically processed hair is simply not enough anymore. So, I will be increasing the quantity and strictly sealing. I don’t have a specific oil but any oil that I have because I found that my hair loves oil irrespective.

I will be moisturizing and sealing my hair every night before bed because in the morning I do not have the time to give it the TLC that it needs.

Wash Days

I am going to wash my hair weekly as per normal. Here is how I will do it

Pre poo

I will only pre poo when I am clarifying, but If I see that my hair is suffering from lack of this step then I will bring it back weekly.


I will shampoo using a sulphate free shampoo and I will clarify once a month to remove product build up.


I will have moisture deep condition every week and a protein treatment every month just to give my hair the strength that it needs. I will follow up every treatment with an instant conditioner.

Co Wash

I am going to co wash my hair weekly and I will do this midweek just to give my hair that extra moisture that it so craves.


I really want to style my hair more often, I am talking perm rods, bantu knots, flexi rods, wash and Go’s and eventually roller sets and curl formers. Everything under the sun. I really want to enjoy my natural hair.

Otherwise every night I will band, twist or braid my hair up to stretch it and keep from having bed hair because I suffer from that a lot.

No comb.

I have successfully mastered the art of no comb! I literally only comb my hair when I detangle and I am very happy with that so the movement goes on.

Protective style

For now, I just want to let my hair be and enjoy it however as time goes on I will continue with self-styling and experiment with plaiting. I have wigging, crochet braids, braids (yes planting braids lol) weave and cornrows in store I can’t wait.

Should my hair require any changes I will definitely change and update this post but for now this is my regimen.

How do you care for your hair?

Let me know in the comments below



4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Regimen”

  1. More or less same as yours! Week after relax its protein treatment, then after is moisture treatments all the way till next relaxer. Moisture n seal after 2days. #pexie cut.

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