Natural hair

    Tips| Starting healthy hair journey | South Africa


    Starting your hair journey can be both frustrating and daunting. There is so much to learn and so much to adapt to. I found that there were so many thing that were contrary to what I believed in when it comes to ethnic hair care in my country. Therefore, it made my adjusting process to hectic! I lived on tips be it on social media, blog and YouTube channel so this is my chance to give back. In this post I will be giving tips on how to start your healthy hair journey.

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    Natural hair

    Product Review|ORS Products

    Product Review time! We all looove these don’t we? I am going to be reviewing ORS products that I currently have and once again this review will also be in video format Whoop!

    Here is a list of products that I will be reviewing, their benefits and direction of use

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    Natural hair

    How to|Protective Style Wash Day 01

    Its been 3 weeks since I got my protective style can you believe it? Time Really does fly. Last week I had a protective style wash day and I am here to share it with you and the best part is. I recorded myself washing it and I am going to share the Video with you guys.

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    GRWM| Work Vibes

    Finally, I have recorded my Get Ready With Me Video… Finally I found the courage to press the publish button… Welcome to most of my morning make up routine! It is very simple and Quick as my mornings are usually a rush! I absolutely LOVE my sleep leading to me running every single morning. YES! I need to change that lifestyle and I will. I am working on it. I am… *Looks away*

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    Taking stock 01

    I have decided to include taking stock to my blog… I barely talk about myself as I am head first into my hair journey “Silly me”  So this will help in the step to talking a bit about my self and you guys can get to know me a bit better. Here is a bit of what is going on in my head…

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    Natural hair

    I am transitioning???

    I know right? Was she not natural a few months ago? Why did she touch up in the first place? I wish I could answer that… For those who are new to my blog, I started off fully relaxed, Big chopped due to a set back and was natural for about 5 months or so touched up in October 2015


    I stretched till January and touched up again… But after this touch-up something was different… I just didn’t see myself touching up again… The excitement of relaxing my hair was gone and from that, I knew something was up. I spoke to Lungi about this and she lent me an ear and advised me to go with the flow. I did… and as time went on, I started questioning myself as to what is the real reason why I touch up…

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    • I loooove  relaxed hair… the image of how my hair would grow long and look silky and straight I absolutely love it… however that can be achieved with Natural hair too.
    • Relaxed hair is what I am used to… I have had relaxed hair all my life except the brief time that I big chopped. that is not reason enough


    As every day went passed I needed to be natural… the more natural hair pictures I see the more I felt that I wanted to go natural but it was still a dilemma in my mind on what to do hence I kept it to myself… However, my number one rule on the hair journey aspect of this blog is complete transparency when it comes to my hair so I decided to share what has been going one.

    Transitioning Stats and Schedule


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    • Currently, 17 weeks post touch up
    • The last touch up was 6  January 2016
    • I don’t have a big chop date yet. It will all depend on my growth rate
    • Planning on learning as much as I can about managing transitioning hair on YT and from other transitioning blogs (I am open for tips)
    • I will share my transitioning journey with you guys every step of the way


    Sharing this was the hardest  thing I have done because I do not trust myself to follow through, I am so scared that one day I will wake up and just decide to touch up… but I will do my very best to follow through. For now, I am fully committed and I will keep the-the faith. Wish me luck!

    One more thing… my transition to natural hair does not mean I will no longer we covering relaxed hair on my blog. I still will so to all my relaxed ladies, I still got u ;).

    And another one more thing… I will record a video explaining myself further regarding this transition so do stay tuned *hugs & kisses


    YouTube Love

    I have found a  new love for YouTube… I have always liked it but lately I LOVE IT…  So today I am showing some YouTube Love! This is purely a sharing post and I am always keen to see more so please do drop names down in the comments section…

    First on my Love List is:

    None Other than Miss Lungi of ByLungi : I have been following her channel from the get go and she is doing absolutely fantastic… I look forward to her posts, Might or might not have threatened her for a new video recently lol


    Up next I have just discovered and absolutely loooooove Cynthia Gwebu! Her videos are so enjoyable! and she is a great make up tutor.


    We also have Princess Ofee… I love her she is soooo Authentic and funny I absolutely love her channel

    I also loooove Nisa! she gives great hair advice!

    And last but not least for today is Julie of Healthy Afro Hair! I absolutely love her! She is one of the first YT channel I fell in love with


    And that is it from me for today! Please do check these Ladies out and do enjoy *Kisses!



    Hair Update April 2016

    It has been a minute since I updated you guys about my hair in general! *Naughty me* What with getting the hang of the new blog and a spanking new YouTube Channel!! So here is a quick hair update…

    Hair Update 

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    • Wash Days


        Of late I have been experiencing the lazy syndrome!! I know right, it sucks big time!!! I kept pushing my wash day to the last minute. I even skipped a wash day… *These are my confessions* That is not good at all and I need to change this ASAP!! HOWEVER… I cannot say that my hair suffered… thank goodness.

    My wash days went as follows

    Prepoo : using either hot oil or conditioner (it’s random)

    Shampoo: Using Design Essentials Almond & Avo Moisturizing and Detangling Sulfate free shampoo

    DC: alternating between Joico K pak intense hydrator , Aunt Jackies In control  and ORS Replenishing conditioner

    Conditioner: Design Essentials Almond and Aco Moisturizing and Detangling conditioner

    Leave In’s: Ultimate Organics Olive Oil Leave in conditioner and Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Moisture milk creme

    Setting: Air drying

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    • Styling


    I have been experimenting with braid outs and Faux Mohawks lately… I looove Mohawks, They were curly and messy I absolutely loved it… Some people frowns upon my hair lately but hey… It happens, Life goes on and no one died from my hot mess of tresses!


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    • Stats


    I am currently 15 Weeks post touch up

    I have gained some length!!! I was spontaneously taking pics and I realized hey seems like we have a little bit of movement!

    For the first time since my journey started I have experienced knotting! And it was at my ends! I found two knots which broke off during my previous wash day! I was sooo super hacked!

    Apart from the slight breakage I am very pleased with my hair.

    How is you hair doing lately?

    Have you experienced Knotting?

    How did you overcome it?