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    I have decided to include taking stock to my blog… I barely talk about myself as I am head first into my hair journey “Silly me”  So this will help in the step to talking a bit about my self and you guys can get to know me a bit better. Here is a bit of what is going on in my head…

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    Natural hair

    I am transitioning???

    I know right? Was she not natural a few months ago? Why did she touch up in the first place? I wish I could answer that… For those who are new to my blog, I started off fully relaxed, Big chopped due to a set back and was natural for about 5 months or so touched up in October 2015


    I stretched till January and touched up again… But after this touch-up something was different… I just didn’t see myself touching up again… The excitement of relaxing my hair was gone and from that, I knew something was up. I spoke to Lungi about this and she lent me an ear and advised me to go with the flow. I did… and as time went on, I started questioning myself as to what is the real reason why I touch up…

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    • I loooove  relaxed hair… the image of how my hair would grow long and look silky and straight I absolutely love it… however that can be achieved with Natural hair too.
    • Relaxed hair is what I am used to… I have had relaxed hair all my life except the brief time that I big chopped. that is not reason enough


    As every day went passed I needed to be natural… the more natural hair pictures I see the more I felt that I wanted to go natural but it was still a dilemma in my mind on what to do hence I kept it to myself… However, my number one rule on the hair journey aspect of this blog is complete transparency when it comes to my hair so I decided to share what has been going one.

    Transitioning Stats and Schedule


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    • Currently, 17 weeks post touch up
    • The last touch up was 6  January 2016
    • I don’t have a big chop date yet. It will all depend on my growth rate
    • Planning on learning as much as I can about managing transitioning hair on YT and from other transitioning blogs (I am open for tips)
    • I will share my transitioning journey with you guys every step of the way


    Sharing this was the hardest  thing I have done because I do not trust myself to follow through, I am so scared that one day I will wake up and just decide to touch up… but I will do my very best to follow through. For now, I am fully committed and I will keep the-the faith. Wish me luck!

    One more thing… my transition to natural hair does not mean I will no longer we covering relaxed hair on my blog. I still will so to all my relaxed ladies, I still got u ;).

    And another one more thing… I will record a video explaining myself further regarding this transition so do stay tuned *hugs & kisses


    YouTube Love

    I have found a  new love for YouTube… I have always liked it but lately I LOVE IT…  So today I am showing some YouTube Love! This is purely a sharing post and I am always keen to see more so please do drop names down in the comments section…

    First on my Love List is:

    None Other than Miss Lungi of ByLungi : I have been following her channel from the get go and she is doing absolutely fantastic… I look forward to her posts, Might or might not have threatened her for a new video recently lol


    Up next I have just discovered and absolutely loooooove Cynthia Gwebu! Her videos are so enjoyable! and she is a great make up tutor.


    We also have Princess Ofee… I love her she is soooo Authentic and funny I absolutely love her channel

    I also loooove Nisa! she gives great hair advice!

    And last but not least for today is Julie of Healthy Afro Hair! I absolutely love her! She is one of the first YT channel I fell in love with


    And that is it from me for today! Please do check these Ladies out and do enjoy *Kisses!



    Hair Update April 2016

    It has been a minute since I updated you guys about my hair in general! *Naughty me* What with getting the hang of the new blog and a spanking new YouTube Channel!! So here is a quick hair update…

    Hair Update 

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    • Wash Days


        Of late I have been experiencing the lazy syndrome!! I know right, it sucks big time!!! I kept pushing my wash day to the last minute. I even skipped a wash day… *These are my confessions* That is not good at all and I need to change this ASAP!! HOWEVER… I cannot say that my hair suffered… thank goodness.

    My wash days went as follows

    Prepoo : using either hot oil or conditioner (it’s random)

    Shampoo: Using Design Essentials Almond & Avo Moisturizing and Detangling Sulfate free shampoo

    DC: alternating between Joico K pak intense hydrator , Aunt Jackies In control  and ORS Replenishing conditioner

    Conditioner: Design Essentials Almond and Aco Moisturizing and Detangling conditioner

    Leave In’s: Ultimate Organics Olive Oil Leave in conditioner and Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Moisture milk creme

    Setting: Air drying

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    • Styling


    I have been experimenting with braid outs and Faux Mohawks lately… I looove Mohawks, They were curly and messy I absolutely loved it… Some people frowns upon my hair lately but hey… It happens, Life goes on and no one died from my hot mess of tresses!


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    • Stats


    I am currently 15 Weeks post touch up

    I have gained some length!!! I was spontaneously taking pics and I realized hey seems like we have a little bit of movement!

    For the first time since my journey started I have experienced knotting! And it was at my ends! I found two knots which broke off during my previous wash day! I was sooo super hacked!

    Apart from the slight breakage I am very pleased with my hair.

    How is you hair doing lately?

    Have you experienced Knotting?

    How did you overcome it?

    Natural hair

    Product Review Design Essentials


    I received products from Design Essentials South Africa! I was soooo excited to try these products out they are YUMMY looking! I have been using the products for since and I have feedback! I introduced all the products on journeytobeauthair which is now all lost *sheds a tear* I have put together a product review video on my channel

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    Wish to learn list

    There are some make up tricks that I really want to learn… Albeit I have sensitive skin, it doesn’t mean I can’t play around with my eyes and my lips does it? Well I will have to find out. There are a few things that I absolutely almost drool over that is being done and I sooo want to try THAT!

    1. The smokey eye! I absolutely looooove this! I am constantly online watching tutorials on how to do the smokey eye. When I was younger I didn’t understand the art that goes into eye shadow, so I bought black eye shadow thinking its enough. I might or might not  have rocked it and claimed SMOKEY EYE
    2. Arch Eyebrow grooming… I’m not sure if thats what it’s called but I have never, ever (cross my heart) Tweazed  my eyebrows… ever. I had to for my sister’s wedding in 2008 and I flat out refused. So my eyebrows have never been cut or tampered with.
    3. Dark Lipstick… And I mean your black, your dark brown, your dark blue! I find them sooooo gorg! I just hope they match my skin tone but I really want to try them out
    4. Matte Lips and Nails… Not much to say here I find those bae and I want.
    5. Learn the whole make up application process… Most of these I will have to learn on someone else’s face since I cant apply foundation on mine otherwise HORROR! But I’d like to know how to do it…. What if my best friends make up artist bails on her wedding day and it’s just me? We can’t expect the girl to do her own make up on her own wedding do we?

    And that is just to name a few… or that is what’s on my mind for now. I am accepting free lessons LOL

    What do you guys wish to learn?

    Natural hair

    Relaxing Dudu’s Hair

    My friend Dudu asked me to relax her hair! I without a second breath said YES. I have relaxed someone else before but I was in my teens so this was my first time relaxing someone else since starting my journey. You can imagine how excited I was!!

    I must say, the experience is much different when you are relaxing someone else! I fully enjoyed myself! Here is a bit of background info on Dudu’s hair:

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    • She is 4/5 months post.
    • She had a pixie, coloured cut.
    • The back and sides were completely natural  (she had cut them low fade)
    • The top long part was relaxed and blond with yummy new growth which grew out black


    With that to work with you can imagine how excited I was… I will summarize the steps I took during the process otherwise I have put together a Video for you guys of the process YAAAAAY

    Relaxing Dudu’s hair

    1. I gathered everything that we will need for the relaxer
    2. Applied olive oil on her relaxed hair
    3. Mixed the relaxer to activate it
    4. Started applying in sections starting with the virgin hair going forward and ending with her hairline
    5. smoothed
    6. She wanted her hair bone straight so we sat with the relaxer for the recommended time
    7. We then rinsed and nuetralised  (lathered 5 times)
    8. Applied protein treatment and left it on for 45mins
    9. Rinsed
    10. Applied heat protectant
    11. Blow dried till 80% dry
    12. Applied leave in’s
    13. Continued blow drying till dry

    Next Morning

    She flat ironed and the overall results were amazing!

    Here is a video of the process and also which products were used  and pictures of her hair. Enjoy!!!


    Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂

    With Love,


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    How to up your water intake

    Water intake is something that I recently learned how to maintain. I almost never used to drink water! Oath! I would only drink water on that odd day which was almost never. *silly me*. When I started to up my water intake game it was a struggle but I found a way to actually drink water regularly. Water is now my life line.

    Some days get so hectic that I actually forget but my body tells me something is missing and that has become my “alarm” to drink water. When you do something continuously it actually becomes like second nature.

    The importance of water intake


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    • Water balances your bodily fluids
    • Water helps with maintaining calories
    • Water assists your kidneys to function well
    • Water helps with your bowel movements


    Source: Web MD


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    • Water can help strengthen your nails
    • Assists with healthy, glowing, flawless skin.
    • Helps with our constant fights with pimples
    • Helps with getting healthy growing hair



     Ways to up your water intake 

    1. Get a water bottle (I have one for the office and one for home)
    2. Hook yourself up with a water tracking App or set reminders for your self to drink water
    3. If you can’t stand the tastelessness of water , add a slice of lemon or ever mint leaves to flavor it up
    4. Continuously remind yourself of all the benefits of drinking water (write it down and put it up where you can see it)
    5. Set up personal challenges for yourself just to make it a bit
    6. Just do it… it won’t hurt I promise

    With the above mentioned, who wouldn’t want to drink water? I know I do!! I hope the above tips help you up your water intake the way they did me. I now drink approximately 2 litres of water a day without fail

    Lets drink water 🙂

    How is your water intake?

    What is your challenge with drinking water?

    How did you master & up your water intake 


    With Love,