Product of interest| Beauty Treats face powder contour palette

I was very excited when I saw this Contour palette and I had to pick it up. I swear the shades were calling to me at the Dischem beauty isle! Beauty treats is quite affordable so I was more than happy to pick this product up.

It has 6 Contour shades that are likely to  cater woman of all complexions. I also noticed that they have different undertones.  The packaging doesn’t have much product description so this POI will be based on what I see.  The palette has three shades that have a reddish undertone, Two with  a yellow undertone and one which looks like a cool toned brown to me.

I have tried out the two darker shades. I have warm undertones so the cool toned brown doesn’t really work for me it makes me look a bit grey but I used it in conjunction with the deeper brown that has the reddish undertone as more like a dark blush instead of a contour but it worked out in any case. I don’t think this palette will work for me as a contour palette but I still need to play around with it before I can judge it.

I just thought to fill you guys in on it because I think it could be a cool affordable palette to have in your stash!

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