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Product of interest| Pure Royal Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise

Every time I use a Pure Royal hair product, I remember the good old days when I first used it! Anyway that is a story for another blog post, another day. Today I bright light to the Pure Royal hair Mayonnaise that was sent to me a while back.

I have used it a couple of times but not enough to actually review it so for now, Lets just have a chat about the product itself

About the product

It is a deep penetrating hair conditioner for extremely dry, damaged or breaking hair caused by chemical over-processing,  heat and hair extensions. It is enriched with blends of Herbal and Olive oil extracts and Vitamins that penetrate the surface layer of the hair shaft to moisturize and restore weak damaged hair.

It promises to give you healthier hair with more elasticity with natural volume and shine if you use it consistently.

Direction of use: After shampooing , apply a generous amount and massage evenly throughout the hair from roots to end. Cover hair with a plastic cap and process under a warm dryer or towel for 10 – 15 mins for extra conditioning. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

As I have mentioned about, I am still feeling this product out, I have so many products that I am feeling out and I prefer to use them consecutively it makes more sense that way. I have been using randomly hence reviews from POI’s are so few and apart but I am going to get my life and get it right so as soon as I have used it consecutively I will review it. This Conditioner is a protein conditioner though so I need to use it at least once a month for the next few months in order to feel it out properly and I will review it .

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