It has been a minute since I had a nice long term protective style but I have had some in my days… I am not really a huge fan but not to say that they are not good THEY ARE! I just shy away from them for whatever reason. Protective styles are very good for length retention however I always say know how you hair responds to what. I have had good results from one type and bad from another but that is a whole new post. For now here is my protective style update from November 2014 to date


Protective Style Update
Updo November 2014


My ultimate favourite!! These are cute and easy to do. I used to do these when I first started, couldn’t do them when I cut my hair and should go back to doing them more often now that  my hair grew back… Fell off the wagon a bit









Protective Style update
Bun 2014

I have always been head over heels about buns! To a point where I don’t care how tiny it is I will force it till I make it! Yup I have bunned before and I loved it and I will continue to do so.








Box Braids 

Protective Style Update
Box Braids 2015

I loved having these box braids!! The wash day was a nightmare though those braids did not want to quit dripping lol. BUT when I took them out that’s when my setback was at its peak! So I fear that they are not for my hair… (Remember every head is different what might be bad for my hair could be good for yours). I am scared to retry them to be honest but apart from my fear, I wouldn’t mind… braids are AWESOME!








Corn Rows 

Protective Style Update
Cornrows 2014

I was two months into my journey and my fiance and I were going on vacation so I decided to cornrow my hair because I wouldn’t have time for the day to day care of my hair. Honestly speaking I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to care for my hair when it’s away in a protective style and that’s where my set back actually started.









Protective Style Update
Weave 2015

This was by far my favourite long term protective style! It was pretty and sooooo easy to manage. My wash days were a breeze and progress on point! I cannot wait to weave again








Crotchet Braids 

Protective Style update
Crotchet Braids 2015

This was the last long term protective style I’ve had to date. It was gorgeous I loved it and my hair thrived under it! My vision was curly but I was happier with the Fro results









I plan to have long term protectives  but I have not yet decided when or what. Remember protective styles are great for length retention. Up next I will recap my Regimen.

With Love


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