My friend Dudu asked me to relax her hair! I without a second breath said YES. I have relaxed someone else before but I was in my teens so this was my first time relaxing someone else since starting my journey. You can imagine how excited I was!!

I must say, the experience is much different when you are relaxing someone else! I fully enjoyed myself! Here is a bit of background info on Dudu’s hair:

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  • She is 4/5 months post.
  • She had a pixie, coloured cut.
  • The back and sides were completely natural  (she had cut them low fade)
  • The top long part was relaxed and blond with yummy new growth which grew out black


With that to work with you can imagine how excited I was… I will summarize the steps I took during the process otherwise I have put together a Video for you guys of the process YAAAAAY

Relaxing Dudu’s hair

  1. I gathered everything that we will need for the relaxer
  2. Applied olive oil on her relaxed hair
  3. Mixed the relaxer to activate it
  4. Started applying in sections starting with the virgin hair going forward and ending with her hairline
  5. smoothed
  6. She wanted her hair bone straight so we sat with the relaxer for the recommended time
  7. We then rinsed and nuetralised  (lathered 5 times)
  8. Applied protein treatment and left it on for 45mins
  9. Rinsed
  10. Applied heat protectant
  11. Blow dried till 80% dry
  12. Applied leave in’s
  13. Continued blow drying till dry

Next Morning

She flat ironed and the overall results were amazing!

Here is a video of the process and also which products were used  and pictures of her hair. Enjoy!!!


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