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Hi Everyone!!

Someone made a massive boo boo!! I accidentally (I don’t even know how) deleted the ENTIRE journeytobeauthair blog.

I have been planning to extend journeytobeauthair from just a hair blog to an overall hair beauty and lifestyle blog for over a month now so the day I finally took the first step towards that plan, everything went pear shaped. I was on my server tweaking here and there to accommodate the extension, the next thing you know Journeytobeauthair is gone! poof! I went numb from the neck down. Flashbacks came from the day I was busy with my backups and they gave me problems and I just thought “whatever backups see ya another day” Well another day came and my hard work for over a year went down the drain.

I had no other option but to start over, hence the empty blog…(sheds a tear) but when  a house falls you rebuild an even stronger structure right? that’s what I have decided to do… I decided to come back up and build my brand back up with a Vengeance… starting with:


Not to worry Journeytobeauthair is still very much alive! it now just falls under a bigger umbrella which will be SimplyLebo. there will be a journeytobeauthair section on the blog. The reason why I made SimplyLebo the main name is

  • it will accommodate every topic that will be discussed in this blog,
  • its cute, short, Simple and easy to remember.

Why the name SimplyLebo

I am one of those people who prefers to lead a simple chilled lifestyle. Not for Lebo the hecticness, No Sirree. and through this blog I plan to simply be myself and share more than just my hair journey.

What will be new

  • Hair care: This will still be my main focus. I have accumilated most of my readers through my hair journey and I promise my hair journey will still be most constant with my hair journey, I will still post wash days, hair updates, Tips and product reviews, anyhthing hair related really.
  • Beauty & Lifestyle will be new to the blog and I will start sharing tips, faves nor so faves and also reviews of products that I use or tryout
  • Youtube Channel: I am proud to announce that I will be launching my youtube channel in the next coming weeks!!!! (Yaaay) I am so excited and I cant wait!

Sadly I can’t get back what I lost on journeytobeauthair (shed’s a tear) but I will do my best to post recaps of what happened on journeytobeauthair after the easter holidays. Otherwise I will just pickup where we left off.

I would like to sincerely apologise for my mess up!!! Home the fresh approach and upcoming YT channel will make up for my recent tardiness

What to you think of the new brand?

What would you like me to blog about in the new topics?


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