I have decided to include taking stock to my blog… I barely talk about myself as I am head first into my hair journey “Silly me”  So this will help in the step to talking a bit about my self and you guys can get to know me a bit better. Here is a bit of what is going on in my head…

Making: My co workers laugh at the office

Cooking: Chicken stew with Pap

Drinking: Delicious tea that Nomsa taught me to make last year

Reading: Lady Boss by the late Jackie Collins

Wanting: A free weekend… I have been so busy

Looking: Forward to my birthday this weekend

Playing: Ludacris Release Therapy

Wishing: The cold would go away

Liking: My improvement in apply eye shadow skills

Wondering: If my my transition will go as smooth as it is now

Loving: Modisa

Hoping: To grow my YouTube channel

Needing: A conditioning cap

Smelling: My Hoity Toity Body spray it smells so good

Wearing: A Coat, A dress, Opaque tights and boots… Winter is coming lol

Knowing: That God is always there no matter what

Thinking: About my career

Feeling: Aloof
And that is all… I had so much fun doing this I will try to do it at least every three months or so… Thank you for tuning in see you in my next post…


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