6 Tips for getting through tough times

6 tips for getting through tough times

I have been away from my blog for a minute. Life has been quiet rough of late and I had a few things that I needed to sort out and a few life changes that I needed to make which took a lot of my attention and the last thing I ever want to do is bring you guys half hearted content. I would like to apologise for my sudden absence. I am back and I am fine now, not quiet ready to talk about it though. Some things I will share definitely because my experience can be helpful to others but other I will not because they are quiet personal and there are other people involved and I would not want to disrespect the people who I care about. BUT I thought it would be fitting for me to share a few tips on how to get through tough times!!


I am not a professional of any sort in mental health. Advice given below are just my personal experience and what worked for me.

Have Faith.

Faith is a belief in what cannot be seen.  Through it all, through the pain, the frustration, the anger or whatever it is that you are going through, always believe that it will pass and you will be okay.

Talk to someone.

I have learned a very long time ago that talking helps. Not to say you must go and tell the whole world what you are going through, but, always have a close circle of friends that you  trust and you can talk to. I promise when you talk about it, it loses its hold over you.


Praying is the best thing you can do for yourself. Talking to God always helps . Sometimes I get  very angry to a point that my ears feel hot. I have learned to say a silent prayer when I feel like that it helps me so much to calm down and think reasonably

Don’t make decisions when you are emotional.

Emotional decisions are usually just a temporary fix and sometimes just a gateway to even bigger problems. So when you are emotional, take time out to process your emotions and don’t make any emotions


Yes I know this might sound like bad advice right now because positivity is key, but in order to learn from something you need to feel it. So take some time to actually wallow!! Not too much time though and not to a point where you start feeling sorry for your self but, just enough for you to acknowledge and learn from your situation. So grab that old movie and ice cream tub and you PJ’s and wallow.


This is very hard but always find some time for a little comedy. Laughter is the best medicine out there and for that brief moment you actually forget.

And those are my tips folks! always remember that this too shall pass and hardships are there to make us stronger!




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