I am now 35 weeks (7 months and 4 weeks )  into my transitioning journey. Sheeeesh I am so impressed that I lasted so long. I had a chat with a friend about how I never thought I would ever go 7 months without a touch up. I literally thought it would be impossible and that my hair would break to oblivion. Well here I am, 7 months strong and my hair is fuller than I could ever imagine.


Because it has been quite chilly out, I have been protective styling my hair majority of the time. I might continue with protective styling until I big chop because it is keeping me away from a lot of temptation.

I am very sad to say though that I have not been playing my part on caring for my hair under the protective style as I should. I got lazy and I am going to do better this coming month


Hair Condition.

My hair is still doing well. I have seen excessive shedding here and then. I know it comes with the territory though so I am not too depressed about it. I need to have a mini chop though because my ends are abit  thin so I am happy to let them go.

Count down to BC.

We are 18 weeks (4 months) away from being all natural!! I am so excited for it so much so that I get so tempted to big chop. Every time I stare longingly at my new growth I just want to chop everything off and be natural once nje. but I have decided to transition for this long for a good reason.



Goals for September.

  • Do more LOC when my hair is out.
  • Have a protective style for the last two weeks in the month.
  • Use Castor Oil more often on my hair.
  • Perfect my cornrow skill.
  • Attempt at installing a weave on my hair myself.
  • Mini Chop.

I am going to do my best do be disciplined and achieve these goals. I will be back next month with an update and goals for the next month…


Wish me luck.

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