It has been 7 months and a week (28 weeks) since my last relaxer touch up and I have an update for you. I will be doing updates like this every now and then just so you know where I am with my transition and what has been on my mind.

Transitioning Regimen

I haven’t really changed my regimen for my transition. I have though improved my moisture game as my new growth gets very thirsty and I have also started doing long term protective styles to give my hair a break from manipulation.

Big Chop

I have finally made some sort of plans for my big chop. I want to Big Chop when I will be able to tie or pin my hair up. I had a TWA before and as much as I loved it I found myself frustrated because I couldn’t manage it. So look out for my Big Chop in the first week of January 2017 or any time after that. ( this is not set in stone as we all know I can be quiet fickle when it comes to my hair)

Hair Condition

At 7 months +, my hair is doing okay. (Knocks on wood). When I was still contemplating my transition, my main fear was experiencing some difficulty with the transition. All I am experiencing every now and then is some excessive shedding but for me it is really nothing to write home about.

Thoughts so far

I love the look of my new growth! It is looking so delicious!!! Sometimes I feel like big chopping right now but I am practicing Self-control. Jan! Jan! Jan Lebo. In my next update I will have pictures of my transitioning hair ready.

Thank you for tuning in

See ya later

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