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My updated hair care regimen

As your journey gets old, your hair care regimen switches up a bit. At least mine has. I have realized that I have become more “chilled” for lack of a better word. I have learned to incorporate my hair care to my everyday life and give my hair the freedom to grow as it pleases  without watching its’s every move.

My hair care regimen is very basic and very simple. I have unintentionally cut out some products and practices and increased protective styling. Keep on reading to see exactly how I care for my hair.


I moisturize my hair everyday using a water based moisturizer. I prefer to moisturize my hair as part of my night time routine.  I haven’t been sealing much on a day to day basis for no particular reason.

If I am wearing my hair out, I would then braid my hair down in two cornrows for bed.

I sleep with a satin scarf every night. Sometimes I get headaches from this (or  I misplace my scarf lol)  I take a bigger silk scarf and wrap it around my pillow  and I really prefer that method.

If I have a protective style, I moisturize every second day instead of daily and I use a diluted moisturizing sprits with Water + Leave in conditioner or Moisturizer + Castor oil


I do the LCO method at least twice a week if needed.

I do scalp massages using Castor oil twice a week.

I have a full wash day every week. I used to have a day (Saturday) dedicated to this but I have changed that. I am not  strict about when I wash my hair, as long as it’s within  the week I am good with that. I like to wash my hair around my errands but I mostly wash my hair at night. I will either deep condition over night or dry my hair overnight in braids, twists or my two corn rows.  My wash day consists of Sulphate free Shampoo, Moisture Deep condition, instant conditioning, leave in’s.


Every month I clarify my hair using a clarifying/ neutralising shampoo to remove all the product build up.

I also have a protein treatment on my hair once a month.

I also make sure that I do the above  separately because I prefer  to pair clarifying my hair with a moisture treatment to compensate if the clarifying shampoo strips any natural oils from my hair.

Protective styling.

I have been protective styling a lot of late and I have seen great results. I try to have a protective style 80% of the time and give my hair a break the other 20%.  I have a few ways that I protective style



Crochet braids

And that is my hair care regimen . What I can advise is that you listen to your hair and give it what it needs while adhering to the basics of hair care. I wish you hair health and hair growth!!

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