I love experimenting with Eye shadow! When I got this palette I had no clue what I would do with it but I was excited to experiment and find out.

The Wet n Wild Colour Icon Eye shadow in the colour Poster Child has eight shades which is clearly defined to each part of the eye: the brow bone, the crease the eyelid and the definer. According to the palette allocation you can get two eye looks from this one palette.



Pale pink: for the brow bone

Pastel Pink: for the eyelid

Light Carmine Pink: for the crease

Black: as a definer


Yellow: for the brow bone

Turquoise: for the eyelid

Blue: for the crease

Royal Blue: as the definer


Wet n Wild poster child eye shadow palette


The pigmentation of this palette is quite good. You can go in once and the colour is instantly popping.  I have tried the shades on the left side and I was quite happy with how easy it applied. So If you are in it for super pigmented eye shadows then you are sorted.


The colour coordination on the left side I find very well suited and stunning. I will not talk on the right side as yet because I am not familiar with blue eye shadow for my skin tone and I am a bit sceptical of the yellow brow bone so tell you what I will try it out and post it on my social media and my review.

I would use the left side when I am feeling young and I want to tap into my teenage side because I see a lot of pink eye shadow make up on teen movies *giggles* okay on the real I would wear this look if I am trying to look young and fresh and I am going on a girls night or anything whimsical. I imagine the right side for a formal night.

This palette is available at Clicks stores for R109.95

Check out my GRWM video using this product

Until next time!

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