Wow Cosmetics All Eyes On Me Eyeshadow Palette

Have you ever walked into the shop and lost all senses of who you are and finally felt like you’re Sol Kezner’s long lost daughter who just got into some chunks and just buys things?! I felt like that the first time I saw the Wow Cosmetics All eyes on me palette! I swear for a full minute I was undistructbable! Forget the budget, Forget the up coming Jan-u-worry, Forget the car service!! I need this palette…

… Dramatic I know LOL! I just needed to drive a point home! Anyway, I just have to review this palette for you. I need to share!! 

The way in which I will be reviewing palettes on my blog is as follows: 

 Packaging: This is not a deal breaker but lets be honest, this is the first step in the purchase process. If a product can attract you buy its physical appearance, it is one step closer to closing the sale. 
 Shades: another purchase influencer is the shades. You wouldn’t buy a palette with shades you don’t necessarily like or are not looking for right? 
 Number of shades: from palettes to singles. That kind of thing 
 Pigment: How pigmented is it? How hard do you have to work on it 
 Longevity: How long does it last before it starts to act up?
 Fall out/ No fall out: A very important factor to me
 Price point: Is it worth the money paid for it? 

If you watched my video, you will pick up that I mentioned consistency, but I decided to leave that off. For me it’s not really important. 


Alrighty let’s get straight into the review:

The packaging got me at first sight. Yep I was taken! Married and shipped off!! I actually compared it to the Urban Decay Born to Run palette at first sight .

The palette is of a tin like material and its black all round with the branding written in white and a soft pink. It has a huge mirror which is a YAY and you are not ready for this… THE SHADES HAVE NAMES!! Aahh!! Have you ever?! On a drugstore palette?? I know I have never! I dote on this fact as a matter of fact, I am bragging about it! Well done WOW cosmetics for this I am entirely impressed!

This Palette consists of 18 Shades. It ranges from your browns, to orange shades, Golden/Bronze/ Silver /Pink toned shimmer shades and nude shades. So you can get away with many looks for many occasions from a night out, an easy day, date night and also work looks. I personally call this palette the party palette because of its vibrant shimmer shades.  I am happy with the number of shades and the variety. I am however, and this could just be my craziness, am a bit bothered by the placement of shades. I feel that the shades could have been grouped together accordingly because currently they are all over the show. Then again, this doesn’t affect the end goal so moving along swiftly. 

The pigment is quite good. I have swatched all the shades and they look good. I did however struggle with “Damn” when I tried to apply it but I haven’t experienced any problems with any of the other shades. The shades blend well and the eye looks come together very nicely. Although when it comes to the nude shades you do have to work for them a bit. 

The fall out on the bright colours is insane! On my review on my YouTube Channel, I applied “Birthday Suit” and I could literally see the dust in the mirror reflection!! I have no tolerance for fallout whatsoever so considering how happy I am with this palette this was a big downer for me! 


I have worn this eyeshadow on a work day and it lasted the whole day, so the longevity is quite good I am happy with it. 


Over all, I really like this palette. I would recommend it to anyone with a big warning/disclaimer with regards to fallout but honestly it is worth your money! 


Have you tried any WOW Cosmetics products lately and would you? 


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    Hi Lebo
    Love the look,how much is this palette

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