I have found a  new love for YouTube… I have always liked it but lately I LOVE IT…  So today I am showing some YouTube Love! This is purely a sharing post and I am always keen to see more so please do drop names down in the comments section…

First on my Love List is:

None Other than Miss Lungi of ByLungi : I have been following her channel from the get go and she is doing absolutely fantastic… I look forward to her posts, Might or might not have threatened her for a new video recently lol


Up next I have just discovered and absolutely loooooove Cynthia Gwebu! Her videos are so enjoyable! and she is a great make up tutor.


We also have Princess Ofee… I love her she is soooo Authentic and funny I absolutely love her channel

I also loooove Nisa! she gives great hair advice!

And last but not least for today is Julie of Healthy Afro Hair! I absolutely love her! She is one of the first YT channel I fell in love with


And that is it from me for today! Please do check these Ladies out and do enjoy *Kisses!


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