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29 Random Facts about me

Believe it or not but I find it very uncomfortable to talk about myself!! But I felt it necessary to write this post and share 29 Random Facts about me since I turned 29 this month and it’s the last day of my birthday month!!! Here goes…

1 I’m ambidextrous! I use both my left and right hand with equal strength!! It’s weird but so super cool I feel like I have a super power

2. I have musical talent! I learn instruments quickly anything that has to do with harmony and such I’m there!

3. On the same breath, without any liquor courage, I’m a terrible dancer!!

4. I’m an overachiever! I always feel the need to do my best and it bothers me if I don’t!

5. I’m a perfectionist! Everything has to be as it should, when it should.

6. I’m a techy geek! In a sense that I catch on techy stuff very quickly not that I know it all but if I’m interested best believe I will learn and master.

7. I sometimes have this annoying habit of answering people in my head during a Face 2 Face! But this usually happens around those who are close to me. Thank goodness!

8. When I’m stressed out. I CLEAN!! It’s so therapeutic

9. I have what I like to call “pre social anxiety” ( it’s not really a thing lol) so what happens is, pending an event where I know there’ll be people I’ve never met, I panic but once I get there I am ever so social

10. Growing up, I always found myself being the new kid, we moved a lot, I changed school a lot. I really enjoyed that!

11. I’m a creative person!! I’ve always known that I wanted a career in the media/ creative space.

12. I love food!! I am always literally looking forward to meal time!! But what a lot of people often misunderstand is that as much as I love food I don’t eat too much my portions are quite small. So they’ll always say I put away because I’m always keen but das okay!!

13. I love cooking and I know how to. But I enjoy trying out new recipes.

14. Speaking of cooking, I cannot for the life of me cook in a messy kitchen! I get so anxious!

15. I don’t consider myself a neat freak by any means but I function better in a clean, well packed environment.

16. I’m spiritual, in a sense that I have a close relationship with God, I’m always talking to God in all that I do. A lot of people don’t realize this because I feel that my relationship God is quite sacred. It’s not a secret though.

17. Growing up I had major insecurities. I had body imagine issues, looks issues. I doubted myself. This was because I always expected compliments externally to verify this.

18. If I could, I would eat everything with avo. I love avo so much!!

19. I was terrible at anything sporty at school. I’m not sure if I purely suck or if I just wasn’t interested enough to give it my best shot.

20. I was once a violinist!! I completed level 3. Who knows where I’d be if I carried on.

21. I love kids and to my pure ecstatic joy kids love me! I’m good with children.

22. I am a hopeless romantic! I literally want the fairytale epic kinda love. I wannit.

23. I have am afraid of bridges! Driving over a bridge is always a thing for me if I can avoid it I will.

24. I am always excited to learn new things and figure stuff out. It thrills me.

25. I dream to one day travel the world. I am so eager to see and experience other cultures

26. Shopping Malls are theee worst for me. If I have to go to one I have to literally have a game plan. I get flustered

27. I can hold a grudge. (I’m not proud of this lol) in a sense that I don’t forget. Ever lol

28. I’m one of those overly compassionate people. I can literally cry over seeing a homeless person. Ofcos I’ve learned to control this but on a good day I do cry

29. I’m a sucker for Good series and a good plot twist filled movie. But I prefer to be alone when watching.

Oh wow this was fun!! I wish I couldcontinue but 30 is coming next year!!

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    Great post friendo 🙂 – I enjoyed learning all these new things about you 🙂

    May 31, 2018 at 2:09 pm
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