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5 Easy tips for transitioning to natural hair

5 Easy tips for transitioning to natural hair

This week I am adamant to being a problem solver! What with my tips for adjusting to your new hair journey and now I am here to give some transitioning tips!!! I must say I feel pretty great about this. Transitioning can be even more frustrating that starting a new hair journey because you are now shifting from one hair mindset to another and then you are dealing with two hair textures. You might find yourself very frustrated with some weird stunts that your hair will try to pull but worry not my love, I am here to guide you.

Tip #1: Make sure you are transitioning for the right reason

Listen… FOMO is real out there but in this instance, you need to really want this! You need to wholeheartedly want to be natural because this is, if I can be melodramatic, an emotional investment. Your emotions are very much involved in this transition I promise you. I often found myself crying. Yep actually crying. For real transitioning is hard so the only way to get through it is by really being committed to changing the wear you wear your hair.

Tip #2: Establish how long you want your transition to be

This is very important! Do you want to transition long term? Or short term? People often want their natural hair to grow out a little bit and then they chop it off while others want to really grow their natural hair and start their natural journey with some length and either or, it is okay. At the end of the day you have to be comfortable!

Tip #3: Protective styles are your new best friend

I feel the best way to transition is my having your hair under a protective style majority of the time. Dealing with two textures can be very tricky I am not even kidding. Your line of demarcation which is where your natural hair and your previously relaxed hair meet is very fragile and the less you manipulate it the better so set up a protective style plan.

Tip #4: Have a strict regimen

Whether you are keeping your regimen the same or you are altering it, while you are transitioning there is no playing around you need to need to stick to it. Remember that line of demarcation we spoke about? Yeah, she is very fragile and needs the all TLC she can get.

Tip #5: Let go of your relaxed hair.

If I can tell you anything it’s that relaxed hair is very different than natural hair. Very! You will miss you relaxed hair at times and that is okay but once you let go of your relaxed hair it gets easier and you adapt to being a curly haired belle


Overall with the above mentioned try to have fun with it! I know I might have scared you a little but it’s all doable and if I, the most impatient person on earth went more than 6 months than anyone can! I hope these tips help you through your transition! All the best and if you have any tips to share my comment section below is waiting!

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