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5 tip for soft natural hair

5 tips for soft natural hair

Many women always tell me that they fear going natural because their hair is so hard and the management is even harder. I always only say one thing, Feel my hair. I always get asked how do I get my natural type 4 hair to be sooo soft.  I thought to give 5 tips to having soft natural hair.

Tip #1: Drink water

I lead with this because it all starts from within. you need to hydrate and take care of your self first. I drink at least 1 and a half Litres of water everyday! I went from someone who couldn’t stand the taste of water to someone who feels soo thirsty if I don’t drink water. It takes 21 days to build a habit, take baby steps and before you know it you will be a water freak like me LOL. Okay lecture done lets move on to the next tip.

Tip #2: Deep condition your hair frequently

I don’t want to say every week because that might be to much for some and if I say biweekly it might be to little for others. the trick here is to feel you hair out, try both and see which one you hair responds to but it is very important to have a moisture deep conditioning session as  frequently as you can. My hair requires me to deep condition every week with the exception of the one week where I have a protein treatment.  Moisture deep conditioner will state on the packaging that it is a moisture deep conditioner. Tell you what, I will work on a post on my favourite moisture deep conditioners soon.

Tip #3: Moisturize and seal your hair daily / every second day

Sometimes my hair feels so crunchy and hard and the minute I moisturize it springs back to life. I promise you moisturizing your hair is the secret fountain. Again in this step you need to feel your hair. You might need to moisturize daily or even twice a day or every two days. Among all this moisturizing madness we want to avoid starving our hair or moisture overload which leads me to my next tip

Tip #4 Have a monthly protein treatment

I know what you thinking… aren’t we talking about moisture?? The thing is you need to keep your hair balanced otherwise you will have moisture overload and believe me that is not a pretty soft so keeping you moisture and protein balanced will give you healthy soft hair

Tip #5 : Always sleep with satin or silk scarf or pillow case

Cotton absorbs all the moisture goodness that is on your hair. in effect it undoes all the hard work that you have done. So sleeping with a satin or silk scarf or pillow case will help you keep it locked in your hair. I bought my satin scarf from Clicks for about R50

If you would like to know how I moisturize and seal my hair please check out this post

And that is how I keep my hair nice, soft and manageable. How do you? please let me know in the comment section below.

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