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5 tips for adjusting to your new hair journey

5 tips for adjusting to your new hair journey

I must say, the hardest part of a new hair journey is adjusting to the new rules! Be it you have natural hair or relaxed hair it is tough. See in South Africa, we grew up with a certain set of rules with regards to our hair and most of the rules that come with this hair journey that we love so much goes against what we grew up believing and boy is it difficult to adjust!!!

Some of the rules are:
  • Relax your hair every six weeks vs stretch your relaxer as much as you can
  • Blow-dry your hair after every wash vs Try by all means to limit direct heat
  • Comb your hair every day vs try to limit manipulation as much as you can

I know it was difficult for me but I pulled through and I am here to share tips on how I did or what I could have done better.

Tip #1: Take it slow

Honestly you are going to learn a mountain of new practices just waiting for you to try them out. Take them one at a time and gradually build up. Start with the most important like Moisturizing your hair every day and shampooing and deep conditioning every week and slowly build up as you get comfortable. Otherwise it will get too much too quickly and you really don’t want to put yourself through that

Tip #2: Focus on your own journey.

Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s hair is different. What matters to you is the fundamentals of how to care for your hair that you will get from Blogs such as this one, YouTube and Social Media and that is it. From there onwards it’s you and hair. The minute you compare or focus on someone else’s hair you will feel demotivated and frustrated. Bare in mind that everyone is on their own journey. It is very okay to be inspired of have a hair crush on some one’s hair but just remember that your hair is just as inspiring and beautiful.

Tip #3: Incorporate your journey into your everyday life.

Wash days for instance can take long! My goodness and with a world where time is a luxury or laziness is king (because sometimes it can be especially after a long week) this can get frustrating. So, I found that fitting my wash days or hair practices into my everyday life helped a lot.  This is what I do… (This would typically be on a weekend)

I would detangle my hair thoroughly the night before (Saturday) and then the next day (Sunday) pre-poo my hair for an hour while I do some house work and then shampoo my hair and deep condition (If I am busy I would do the latter before I go to bed at night) and then in the morning (Monday) I would rinse the DC out during my shower and apply instant conditioner for the duration of my shower and rinse it off last thing. I will then t-shirt dry while getting dressed and tending to my face lol. Then after that I will apply my leave ins and oils and tie my hair up to stretch it and continue with my day. After work, I would then detangle my hair again while moisturising and sealing and there is my wash day done and dusted without disturbing anything.


Tip #4: Do not become a product junkie.

There is so much product yumminess out there!!! But if you dwell into it on early days you will become overwhelmed!! Try by all means to avoid being a product junkie. Buy what your need and the only time you replace is when that certain product is not working for you or if it is finished

Tip #5: Believe in your hair

Believe that your hair can and will reach your goals. That all your efforts will pay out and that you will overcome any set back that comes your way! Love your hair wholeheartedly and believe that your hair is the most gorgeous mane you have ever seen. Whether you have natural hair, relaxed hair or locs your hair is beautiful!!!

I hope these tips can help you adjust to your journey! Please share anything else that helped you in the comment section below.

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