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5 Tips for maintain hair under protective style

So your hair is hidden for the winter or during your transition, how do you care for it? I have just the answer to that.

We often make the mistake of forgetting about our hair whilst we under a protective style and that is a dire mistake! I remember back when before I started taking care of my hair, I used to find that when I remove a weave or braids or cornrows done with fibre, I found that my hair was filled with knots that had some white residue, which was dirt. Ever since I started taking better care of my hair, I have never experienced that and I am going to share with you exactly how I care for my hair under protective styles

Moisturizing your hair every second day

I use a DIY Moisturizing Spritz on to moisturize my hair. You can find the recipe here. Alternatively you can buy any braids spray.

Moisturize the hair piece too

The hair piece also needs that TLC to keep looking fresh. I usually use Silicone to moisturize mine it add some shine to it.

Wash your hair under your protective style atleast every second week.

When wash I dilute my shampoo’s and conditioner to make the consistency a bit looser to ensure that the thickness of the product doesn’t leave residue on the hair that is braided.

Sleep with a satin scarf

This will help to keep your protective style intact for the duration that you have it

Do not keep it for to long

I think 6 weeks is the longest you can keep your protective style.


If you follow the above steps, your hair will thrive and benefit from your protective style…


Happy protective styling

See you later


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