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5 Tips for healthy relaxed hair

I bet all my relaxed ladies thought I forgot all you since I went natural… Never that! And this one is for you!! I might have not have gotten to a point of amazing unbelievable length during my relaxed hair journey. But I did get some thickness and health improvement which in my case is very much what I can testify for. See when it comes to length I have never had a problem my hair grew quiet long. It was the health and the thickness I was really after and with these tips I got just that.

Tip #1: Protein treatment

I am sure by now you know that when you relax your hair some protein agents in your hair are broken in order to have your hair straight. Right so the idea is to give your hair the protein that it needs so this is a give and take basically. However, this must be done without going too much because… protein overload is real! I know, right?! But the answer is yes, you can win. You need to first determine how much protein your hair can take. If your hair is protein sensitive you will know right away by having it feel hard and like straw the first time you use a mild protein treatment then you know you have to be sneaky about it. By sneaky I mean follow up your protein treatment with a moisture deep condition or precede with an oil treatment or use a balanced protein/ moisture treatment. If your hair is okay then a hard protein treatment every 4 to six weeks is necessary and I would also suggest that you have either a protein instant conditioner to use spontaneously and products like placenta to feed your hair every now and then.

Tip #2: Limit the use of heat.

Believe me when I tell you, you really don’t need to blow dry your hair every time you wash it. Air dying is very effective. Some people find that air drying leave their hair quite frizzy. Up your oil game when applying leave in’s, in fact I advise to switch your leave in for your daily moisturizer every now and then and apply your olive oil or any sealant of your choice and see how that works for you. Hair becomes frizzy because it is dry. So, moisturizing as much as you can really help with this.

Tip #3: Health over length

With relaxed hair, it is very easy to get sucked into the length focused pool. Why? Because it is very easy to see how long your hair actually is and come relax day you want to see how much growth you retained. I will not kid you, it feels amazing to see length it really does. But your hair is even better when it is healthy and healthy hair promotes long hair. My point is, if you need to cut off those split ends or lose some hair in order to even out your hair, do it!! Your hair will grow back and it will grow back even better

Tip #4: Texlaxing

I would advise to texlax your hair rather than fully relax it. Texlaxing is under processing your hair literally. This will help you to have thicker hair. But this is a personal choice and if you are good with relaxed hair by all means but I found texlaxed hair better than relaxed.

Tip #5: Enjoy your relaxed hair journey

You will read on the internet how bad relaxing your hair is! Don’t mind that, it’s their opinion! Relaxed hair can be healthy as long as you take care of it. Don’t feel pressure to go natural because the natural hair community is growing, you won’t enjoy your hair. Proudly wear your relaxed hair!

If you stick to your regimen together with the above tips, you will have beautiful relaxed hair. I hope they help you and let me know how you care for your relaxed hair in the comment section below


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