Makeup brushes guide for the perfect makeup look

I see us beauty bloggers casually mentioning makeup brushes as we go about the tutorial without really explaining why?! Today I am breaking that cycle with a makeup brushes guide. What you need and which are the best! 

Brushes are very important for a seamless application process! We sleep on talking about these honestly. Which is why I decided that it is a good idea to bring forth this makeup brushes guide 


Makeup brushes guide

Foundation brushes. 

Makeup brushes guide

These are different types of foundation brushes. 

1. Flat foundation brushes: These are the popular foundation brushes. However these are more difficult to use because of their flat nature. It is difficult to blend with these to get a seamless finish that is without harsh lines. They do however apply product well from a wastage perspective
2. Dome foundation brushes: These brushes are usually very dense and dome like shaped and in my opinion the best to apply foundation with. They blend very well if you spend the right time blending. They do however waste product but it’s worth it.
Makeup brushes guide
3. Beauty Sponge: This is not a brush but fits within the purpose. Beauty sponges are simpler to use that the above mentioned brushes and they eliminate the chances of harsh lines. The only problem with sponges is that they do waste product. A lot as they absorb the product. 
Makeup brushes guide

Eyeshadow brushes 

People usually think there is one type of eyeshadow brush and that is the sponge type brush that comes in eyeshadow palettes. Child let me school you! 

1. Blending brush: We usually refer to these as big fluffy brushes. Although there are ones that are a bit dense. These brushes are best used for applying crease and transition shades. And are also uses to clean up the eye look. YOU NEED THIS BRUSH! Makeup brushes guide
2. Definer and shading brushes: These brushes are thee best for building up colour. When you are creating a colour intensive look, you need these brushes. They will help you in shading 
3. Flat eyelid brushes: These brushes are best for eyelid colours. Mostly being shimmer shades.  You also need these shades. 
Makeup brushes guide

Blush brush

Blush brushes are usually fluffy. They range from medium sized to big. It all depends on preference. 

Makeup brushes guide


Powder brush. 

Powder brushes are usually similar to blush brushes but are more dense and big. 

 Makeup brushes guide Makeup brushes guide

Highlighter brushes 

For Highlighter you can either use a fan brush or a bigger version of an eyeshadow brush. 

Makeup brushes guide


Angled brushes

Angled brushes are usually used to apply powder eyebrow or pomades. They are honestly the best. 

Makeup brushes guide

Concealer brushes. 

There are different types of concealer brushes. Small ones that you can use to clean up your browns or bigger ones that you can use to conceal imperfections. Concealer brushes are usually flat and are dome shaped. 

Makeup brushes guide


To prep and blend eyeshadow you can use a spooly. This is a brush that looks very similar to a mascara brush. This brush is magic for you brows.

Makeup brushes guide  

I hope this makeup brushes guide assists you in understanding makeup brushes. You can purchase makeup brushes from Clicks or Dischem. You can also purchase them on Ali Express

Look out for my video on my YouTube channel tomorrow on how to use the brushes. Lots of Love.

  1. Thanks for the post friendo! I love a flat brush for foundatin application. And my go to blush brush is also the Real Techniques one that you have.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever used the flat brush for foundation. only the dome one

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