A Guide to picking the perfect foundation shade

People pick foundations for various reasons. But the most important reason is for the foundation to fit your skin tone and most importantly to fit your desired finish. Without further ado, let’s get back1into exactly what I mean.

I decided to start with foundation on our new platform because seeing that it is the base of our look, it was fitting for it to be the first post because my philosophy is, get the base right and perfect it and you are 80% to a beautiful look. The base is very important ever noticed how beauty bloggers will already look beautiful once their face is done? Yes so let’s dive straight in.

Skin tone

Your want your foundation to fit your skin tone! This goes way beyond just the shade and I will take you through this. When considering a shade you have to think about the shade and the undertone. Ever noticed how sometimes you will pick up a shade that looks just about right but when you apply it you either look white, grey sometimes even red? Yep. The undertone is all wrong for you. Undertones are very difficult to understand because 

  1. They are mostly not listed or mentions on the products
  2. You need to figure out your own undertone first

Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC 44.5 Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC 44.5

Let’s tackle and solve number 2 because we can and we will find our way around number 1

The best way to figure out what your undertones are is by either checking the colour of your veins or checking which colours suit you best.

Disclaimer: I am no expert on undertones nor am I trained in dermatology. I am sharing my knowledge based on what I have learned through extensive research and understanding.
  1. If your veins appear green, you have warm undertones. This simply means that you have more yellow/golden undertones. Think warm colours
  2. If your undertones appear blue, you have cool undertones. This means your undertones are more pinkish etc. Think cool colours.
  3. Some people can’t really tell what colour their veins are this means that you have neutral undertones. These are the lucky people because they can go both warm or cool
  4. If warm colours like yellow, gold, brown suit you more you have warm undertones and if cool colours like blue, silver orgreen suit you more then you have cooler undertones. I find it easier to mark on silver and gold. If all colours suit you, point me to your maker! You are the lucky few with neutral undertones

Black Opal Stick Foundation Black opal stick foundation inTruly Topaz

Now figuring out number 1! Some foundations clearly State warm or cool in their shade name. But I have seen some saying warm but they are pink toned so I have given up on using that as a guideline.

MAC Foundations for example NC and NW one stands for cool and the other for warm but I have found that NC foundations have a yellow undertones and NW have red tones. So… the best way to test your foundation is by actually putting it on your skin and seeing if it’s a match or not. I always advise people to go to the shop, apply it either full face or on a section, leave and comeback. Because the store lights usually taint the true reflection and some foundations oxidize. If you are happy with your foundation outside of shop/mall fluorescents then it’s a good buy.

Should you go darker or lighter?

Some people prefer darker foundations because they reflect better on photos. If this is your fancy and you are wearing your foundation for a photoshoot sure. On the other hand dark foundation is advised to avoid flashback. If you have the right undertone that shouldn’t be a problem.

LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation In Caramel

Some people prefer lighter foundation because someone or something made them believe that looking lighter is better. I don’t understand this theory at all.

I say choose a foundation that makes you happy and suits your skin tone. The idea is to look good and the only way is by matching yourself.

A lot of people worry about face and body difference. It is very common for the face and the body to be different tones especially during the summer months because our face care routines and body care are not of the same extent. But it’s very rare for the body difference to be vast and you can get away with finding a shade that will balance both. Always remember to also blend your foundation into your neck.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin Foundation In Soft Tan

Type of Foundation.

We have various types of foundations to choose from. Casually listed:
  1. Liquid Foundation
  2. Stick Foundation
  3. Mousse Foundation
  4. Powder foundation

As the spirit of obviousness would have it. I have them all shown in the stunning images on this post. I just broke my powder foundation recently!


This decision should be easier to make than the first one! Because this is more of a preference than anything else. The question here is Matte or Dewy! Some people like both and base it on the seasons. Other people are die hard dewy stans others matte stans.

Dewy Finish

A dewy finish is more of a glowy one. You want to look like you are glowing from within. This finish shouldn’t be mistaken with being shiny. I love a dewy finish but the disadvantage is that during the summer, foundations with a dewy finish can very easily become shiny! Which means you would have to work harder to keep it at bay. But I still stan that dewy is beautiful.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation

Matte Finish

A matte finish is more of a “dry” finish. Matte finishes are normally very beautiful but can tend to look very dry in the winter months. I am just okay with a Matte finish for me it’s a matter of occasion.

Once you have established the foundation undertone as compared to yours and you know our finish, you are ready to make that purchase.I hope this post could help guide you in getting that perfect base! Commentdown below what your process is of buying foundation.

  1. I want to try the Mac Studio Fix foundation but I don’t know the right shade for my skin yet and I prefer a matte finish , does it give a matte finish or a dewy finish. I have been using black Opal hazel nut shade the stick but recently it’s not been giving me the wow finish I used to get before I gained weight. Will the Mac Studio Fix help achieve better results or you would advise something different totally ?

    1. The Studio Fix Foundation is beautiful but it’s definitely not matte. It’s very difficult to find true matte foundation unless you go high end. Especially in the summer months

  2. I have a pretty unusual skin tone for a black person,certain shades that a lot of my friends use either make me appear darker or way too light even though and it’s so difficult finding the right shade, I have even resorted to just mixing shades to get the right finish.It’s a struggle I tell you.

    1. Mixing shades is the way to go for most of us

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