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Hi beauties and welcome to is a south african beauty, hair and lifestyle blog run by Lebo Kutumela , a (late)20 something year old from Pretoria Gauteng. On this blog you can expect to see Lebo’s  natural hair journey, She shares hair growth tips, hair tutorials, product reviews, beauty tips, beauty tutorials and her personal beauty likes, lifestyle lips and so much more!

From the Author:

Hi beautiful! and welcome to my blog.  First of all let me start by saying thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy it. My name is Lebogang Kutumela, my friends and family call me Lebo. I am a South African blogger. I was born in Pretoria, South Africa and I am currently adulting in Johannesburg South Africa.

Lets clear up the above 20 something year old mess I am turning 29 years old! okay moving along let me tell you why I do this…

I love all things beauty. I love learning the art of make up, trying out new products and new techniques. I’m especially obsessed with flawless foundation, lip colours and none other than a popping highlight. Other than that I love sharing and teaching you! plugging you in because we need to slay together!

I am a healthy hair enthusiast! From a young age, I always wanted to have long hair and indeed I did. I secretly enjoyed being one of the girls with the longest hair in class *giggles* however, I thought it was by chance or luck and I was so happy to learn that our hair is limitless and everyone can grow their hair as long as they want provided they know how which is where I come in. I have learned so much on hair care and I have seen such great progress both on my relaxed and natural hair and this is a way for me to share and guide you to also grow your hair. It helps when you see a fellow South African doing it right? I dream of a day when every ethnic haired person who so wish, has the belief that they can grow their hair healthy and long.

south african beauty blogger

My blog is my passion in a sense that I get to exercise and execute my skills in writing, designing, techs, Photography, video production, social media, marketing and brand management. I was born with a knack for marketing and advertising. I am a brand and I have seen my self grow and I have so much to learn still which excites me in a way that I cannot begin to explain. I put a personal touch into my blog, I love writing in a personal tone where you would feel like we are having a chat.

Personally, I love to laugh! but more than that I love to make people laugh which happens sometimes I really don’t know why because I’m not that funny. I wish I were honestly. I am a weird combination of an introvert and extrovert. I do well with people but before hand I get anxious and sometimes I prefer a night in with my series and movies so I am somewhere in between if there is a word for that please enlighten me.

I love food! I am always looking forward to meal time! seriously! I love cooking, I am what I like to call a creative cook.  I love kids! I am a self proclaimed child whisperer. I don’t any of my own yet but I have a special party planned for the day I do. I love learning new things however I become obsessed until I fully understand. I love to sing and I really wish that I could dance. I love good company filled with laughs (refer to my first sentence lol).

I am a “hot nerd” yes I do well with books. It helps that I love  reading! I also happen to talk too much hence  I could go on and on but then this will go on forever.

You can catch me on instagram, Facebook, twitter and as it happens I am a Youtuber! please follow the links on the top right of the screen to access these profiles lets get social.

Again, Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your interest and support I really hope you enjoy and take something from this.

Lots of love,

Lebo Kutumela


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