Hey Beautiful and welcome to Lebokuty.com

Lebo Kuty is a Beauty and Lifestyle influencer from Gauteng,South Africa! She is a content curator, curating content over various platformsnamely:

  1. Right here on the blog!
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram

Lebo is a Makeup enthusiast who is also into Natural Hairgrowth. Not only does she create stunning makeup looks, she also givestutorials and product reviews across all platforms. You can also expect somehair content as well as some lifestyle.

When she is not creating amazing content, she works in theAdvertising Industry at an Ad Agency. Here are a few words from Lebo:

Thanks Narrator! Welcome to my space on the internets! HonestlyI am happy to have you here and I am so excited to share my world with you!Ever since I was a little girl I have always been a creator, *giggles* Oneperspective to the other. It all started with a blog for me. I have alwayswanted to blog generally but when I discovered the hair care world, I foundsomething worthwhile to talk about. South Africa needed to be aware that blackhair can grow.

As life would have it, I grew my knowledge and expertise inblogging and I decided to expand my brand and share my other passion which isBeauty! Then YouTube happen and here we are!

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Lots of love always

Lebo Kuty