How to apply 3D Fiber Lashes + Review

How to apply 3D Fibre Lashes + Review

Long Lashes! The is something flattering and exotic about long thick lashes! I know I love me some long lashes! Enter, 3D Fiber lashes that I received from Ruby Box! Heaven!!!! I have a love hate relationship with falsies! I love how they look but I struggle to apply them so you can imagine how the 3D fiber lashes saved me so I am about to share with you too!

How to apply:


#1 Apply on one eye at the time

#2 Apply on clean eye lashes

How to apply 3D Fibre Lashes + Review

Implantation gel


#3 Starting with the implantation gel, apply from the middle of your lash to the tip

#4 Follow up with the 3D fiber

#5 Apply the implantation gel on top

And you are done! Easy as that!


I like the box it comes in! It is black and looks very chic! The Gel and Fibre tubes are matte black with white text on it and have a slightly curved bottle that makes it look sexy! I love the packaging to bits

How to apply 3D Fibre Lashes + Review

3D Fibre


I really like how easy they are to apply literally it’s as easy as applying mascara.

I noticed elongation of my lashes after applying the gel! YES, from step one and I am more than happy with the finished result! My lashes looked so full and thick and wow!

The fibre gel was so interesting to me I have never seen anything quite like it before.

If you are not into falsies or are but would like to try another method to longer eye lashes, I would highly recommend the 3D fibre lashes they are amazing! They are literally for everyone.

You can buy these online on for R340

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