Battles of drugstore concealers

There is so much to finding your perfect concealer whether it is for covering up blemishes to get that even skin tone flawless finish to highlighting your face. It is very important to understand how to pick out. My whole experience with concealers taught me so much, I have made so many mistakes but then again that’s how we learn and I am here to share.

Concealing blemishes, dark marks, pigmentation.

For this I, would encourage a concealer that is as close to your complexion or foundation colour as possible. Reason being that a lighter colour will highlight that spot and you might end up with bright patches where we are trying to create an even finish. Unless, the blemish is around the areas you would like to highlight anyway if you will be highlighting. I do this step when I have hormone pimple mark scaring because my skin is quiet even… thank the heavens.

Concealing to highlight.

Have you guys noticed how this step just brings everything to life?  I absolutely love this step but it can go wrong so quickly!  This is when you apply concealer to your high points (upper cheek, nose bridge cupids bow, forehead and chin) and you brighten them up. For this you need a concealer that is two or more shades lighter than your complexion or foundation colour. This time though you need to take some things into consideration:

  1. How bright you want your concealer to be
  2. Your undertones.

I find that if a concealer doesn’t match your undertones, instead of getting a highlight, you will end up on the ashy side and that is not cute… the same applies with foundation. So, after you have applied the concealer using a blending sponge, make sure you blend it really well so that there is a natural flow between your foundation and the highlighted areas.

Cleaning up eyebrows.

After filling your eyebrows, you can outline them with your concealer. This will help erase any boo boo’s that you might have made and it also makes your brows more prominent.

I currently have 4 concealers

Drugstore concealersEssence Cover stick in Matt Sand.

This concealer is too light for me but because it’s undertone matches mine I get away with it on most occasions but after blending and a half! It would work great if I wanted a super bright highlight! Application with a cover stick is magic!

Wet n wild Coverall Cover stick in Medium.

This concealer was a bad idea. Firstly, because it is for cooler undertones and has a pink finish! After applying this I become so ashy it is not cute…

Essence camouflage cream concealer in natural beige.

I love this concealer… mainly for brows because it is a dip application so you can use you angled or concealer brush easily… however it also needs blending because it is for fairer skin.

LA Girl Pro conceal in Medium Beige.

GOLD!!! This is the perfect concealer for me! It is about a shade, two shades lighter than my foundation and it gives me the perfect highlight. I prefer a subtler, there but not there highlight.

I am still looking to discover more concealers because feel it is one product that you cannot have enough of. I am a lover of concealers!

Until next time

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  • Reply Ayanda Moloi

    Great post! Im currently using the Essence Cover stick in Matt Caramel.I use it mainly to cover up my ocean deep acne scars.I’ve heard good things about the LA Girl Pro,I will be grabbing it the next time im at the drugstore. xx

    November 12, 2016 at 6:59 pm
    • Reply Lebo Kuty

      You should try it you will absolutely love it! It exceeds it’s reputation! Thank you for sharing honey ❤

      November 12, 2016 at 7:02 pm

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