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I started with my beauty journey sometime last year and I must say that I have taken a lot and learned a lot from it. I have learned the skill of makeup, How I love to wear my make up what I prefer, What I love and so forth.

Many mistake make up as making yourself beautiful for various reasons. Baby girl, no amount of makeup can compare to the beauty that you naturally are! Make up merely enhances that beauty and for most it is an art.

I love everything that I have learned in the beauty world. I must say that at the beginning most of the techniques were so intimidating to me and I thought I would never be able to do that. But I pulled through and I tried again and again and again and I got it. It is all about practice and knowing your face and what suits you and what not.

If you want to get into beauty, feel free to experiment. The first point of reference is between you and your mirror and trial and error is your best teacher.


I found brows the hardest part. But with lots of practice and sometimes facing the world with wonky brows I finally got it. There are a lot of eye brow tutorials and they are really as easy and can be as gorgeous as they are on the tutorials. The trick is knowing your face and from the tutorials tweaking it to suit your face.

Eye shadow

This is by far my favourite step! The rule here is to blend, blending is your best friend and if you are mixing colours make sure that they flow into each other as if they are one. Blend them out until they are smooth.



Getting your perfect shade is the key and again blending. Whether you are going light coverage or full coverage you are going for a smooth, flawless look and that comes with a good blend. You can never go wrong.


By matter of preference or the look you are going for, blush can either slightly add colour to your look, or add that dramatic finish without being too much. Blush can also serve to complimenting your eye look and your lip they all tie in synergy

Contouring and highlighting

Contouring is where you sculpt your face. Foundation gives you a flat base, depending of cause on your coverage, the fuller the flatter. Contouring can help sculpt those corners and angles back into your face. Highlighting gives you that glow! I find highlighting to be so stunning I love it


This completes and ties together that whole look! Make sure that your lip colour complements your eye shadow this doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the same but they should suit each other.

Caring for your skin

Above and beyond you need a good skin care regime! Making sure that your skin is healthy is very important to begin with and make sure to wash that make up off before going to bed.

Loving you regardless

Make up at the same time can be very addictive to the point that you feel that you can’t go out without it. Make sure that you are still comfortable as is. You can still look at yourself bare faced and find yourself ravishing!


Throughout the year, I will be posting tutorials on the blog and on my YouTube channel about the above-mentioned steps. Stay tuned for that. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you stay up to date with my uploads.



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    Great tips.I agree with you about the eye brows,they take time to master them.Loving your natural looks it’s the best thing you can do for urself.

    February 1, 2017 at 1:42 pm
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