Beauty Review: Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup

Finding affordable foundations is one of the trickiest things in makeup. You want something super affordable but it should perform well at the same time. I live for being able to review affordable makeup for you so that it is much easier for you. I picked up the Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup and I am going to let you guys know my thoughts on it in this very post. Keep reading.

I mentioned this in my Essence Soft Touch mousse foundation, Essence used to have limited shades for women of colour. When they launched a foundation range which only catered for fair skin, makeup lovers took to twitter to address and vent about this. I was one of them. As a result they launched the Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup and extended the shade range on some of their other existing foundations.

About Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup

Essence Insta Perfect Makeup

The Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup is a liquid foundation which is said to be Matte and give you a flawless finish. It is water proof and has buildable coverage. It comes in 9 different shades and comes in a drop nozzle bottle of 30 ml. It basically promises to make you #Instaperfect.

I will be using the shade 90


Lets dissect the above statement shall we…

Matte finish.

In my experience, the Essence Insta Perfect Liquid Makeup is not Matte, When I apply it its definitely dewy and I don’t have oily skin. It even shines up throughout the day. So, in my opinion it’s a no for the Matte part.

Flawless Finish.

Definitely! Yes, and Yes! I am obsessed with the finish. It is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with the finish the first time I tried it and the finish is honestly the reason why I still wear the foundation.
I honestly don’t know. Haha haven’t experienced any raid or anything with the foundation on so I can’t comment on this part.

Buildable Coverage.

I’ve only generally used one layer and the coverage was medium to full, but because of it’s light weight consistency, I can definitely see it being buildable to full coverage. I will definitely build it up the next time I use it

Shade Match.

The shade match is quite good to my skin tone but I find the shade to be rather dull. I would have enjoyed it more if it had a yellow undertone because I find those flattering on my skin.

Shade range

I know they tried to accommodate women of colour but with this range I feel like me, my best friend and my cousin wouldn’t all go to the shop and get out perfect match. Which for me is a problem. However, I have seen a lot of people with different skin tones use number 90 so…

Overall thoughts

Because of the absolutely stunning finish, I would recommend this foundation any day. The finish will put any other reservations to bay. But I feel like had shade match and matte promise been good it would have been the top affordable foundation in my opinion and that I have tried so far. And that is my review on the Essence Instaperfect Liquid Makeup

You can watch my video trying out this foundation below. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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