Buying the perfect eyeshadow palette

When you are new to makeup, buying your first eyeshadow palette can be daunting. What do I buy? Should I go High end? Is low end good enough? In this post I will share with you a few tips for buying your first eyeshadow palette. 


Eyeshadow is not everyone’s best friend. As a matter of fact a lot of people find this step intimidating. There are just so many rules. Seems like an art really! In all honesty it’s not that deep. The technique is a practiced effort. But that’s not what this post is about. Before we even get there. Let’s buy the correct eyeshadow palette first. 


High End vs Low End. 

Being in the beauty industry as long as I have, I am exhausted by this topic!! It might seem like High End is more quality than Low End but in all honestly, just sometimes. 

Yes most High End palettes are of great quality. But not all Low End palettes are of low quality. That’s the point. I fully support working within your budget and in this post I will show you how. 

Types of shades. 

Eyeshadow palettes vary when it comes to shades. There are what they call “warm shades” these are palettes with your more warm, nude and neutral shades. These palettes are great for simple make up looks and I always advise to buy these palettes when you are new. They are easier to masters. 

A perfect example of a warm palette is the Morphe 35O palette or the Catrice Chocolate Nudes Palette 

Then we have smokey palettes. These palettes contains your darks shades. Your blacks and greys! Perfect for that smokeyeye! These shades are more difficult to work with they require a little bt of technique and a practised hand. I always advise to get it and practise watch LOTS of tutorials and  you will get there.

A perfect example of a smokey palette is the Catrice Smokey Palette. 

There are what I call colourful palettes. These palettes vary between warm to vibrant!! These are the best palettes to have because you then have a variety of types to work with. Depending on which shades you are going for. These palettes can be easy and difficult to work with. 

A perfect example of this palette is the Wet and Wild Poster Child Palette.


Types of finishes. 

Eyeshadow palettes also have different types of finishes. Most eye shadow palettes have all types per palette though. You get Matte Finish. This is usually common in your transition colours. (Browns, warm nude colours) and then you get shimmer shades. These are mostly your colourful, golds, silvers and are best for your lid colours. I will have an eyeshadow application tutorial up on both on the blog and on my YouTube channel soon.



Pigmentation usually makes or breaks eyeshadow palette. You want a palette with a very good colour payoff be it the mattes or shimmers. You can usually swatch this on your hand before buying your palette. Swatches usually gives accurate indications of the colour payoff.

Palettes with lower payoffs usually means you will have to work hard in building up the colour and they usually fade easily. Palettes with higher payoffs means you have to blend harder. But we love blending right? You generally want palettes with a high colour payoff 

Patchy shadows. These are common but not limited to shimmer shades. When you apply a patchy shade it usually applies some areas and leaves others bare. These  are usually and irritating inconvenience but can be sorted out by using a setting spray on your flat brush before applying them. 


I repeat, always swatch your palette before buying. If they don’t have a tester at the shop, ask for the manager and ask them why because we have that right of testing a product before buying it. Let my people GO! Lols

I hope this post could assist you in buying your perfect eyeshadow palette. Let me know in the comment section below what you eyeshadow woes are! 



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  2. Thanks for the detailed breakdown friendo! I always lean towards warm palettes.

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